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  1. hondino

    showa shock body

    Hello everyone, another question, is there anyone who can give me the measure of the external diameter of a shock showa with 50mm piston like the one in the picture? thanks
  2. hondino

    argon/nitrogen shock fill

    The regulator in the first photo I still have to buy, so I also miss the no loss chuck in any case. I wanted to try the argon because I always have it available and I read that there is less passage through the bladder what worries me is precisely the pressure reducer and how much it can reduce, today I found this
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum, I was looking for some information about charging the shock, kayaba or showa with bladder and schrader valve. I have available argon for tig welding (no co2) and some old low pressure reducers, if I buy the adapter in the first photo together with the material in the other photos I already have, can I proceed with the recharge by myself? could i need anything else? if you have any advice, it is welcome