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    I think I've narrowed it down to when the guy had it serviced the tech spilt some oil on the engine and neck and it has slowly been dripping. So I sprayed it down with brake clean wiped everything down and didn't smell anything. Also I think the throttle cable tube had been heavily lubed because I noticed some oily residue drip from the tube and on to the case. So hopefully that did it appreciate everyone helping the new guy.
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    Ok I will try that thank you
  3. caseymercer


    Yes that's original miles he bought it from an older gentleman who couldn't ride anymore and he said he just doesn't have time to ride it so why keep it he thought. I will start going through the gaskets and look at the bolts he said his mechanic went through the valves and head bolts and put a new plug in it. I can wrench cant have a bike and not wrench
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    Brando The bike says 8112 for mileage and not sure hours he said he just had that done no receipt or anything but I could call the mechanic if I wanted that he went to.
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    Hello everyone newly to the thumper world. Just bought a 95 xr650l with 8000 miles on It and it runs great looks great for a 95. My question is the previous owner had some top end work done supposedly seals and bolts checked. When I ride I start to smell burning fresh oil and cant seem to find a leak but the burn off fumes are present when I stop that you can see until it is off for a couple minutes then nothing. So what could it be and where from Thank you