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  1. trailrunner420

    Dirt to Dual, Battery required?

    The highest output stator for the YZ450 is 35W, so LED is pretty much mandatory. The specific lights I used said DC only, thus I have gone rectifier/regulator, and I caved and have purchased a battery pack as suggested, but that will be installed after I tackle some mountain passes.
  2. trailrunner420

    Honda XR200R 1996

    Crazy reliable, 1st kick damn near every time. 4 stars for all the times I saw my brother pull away on his KTM 520.
  3. trailrunner420

    Honda XR200R (1996)


    Crazy reliable, 1st kick damn near every time. 4 stars for all the times I saw my brother pull away on his KTM 520.
  4. trailrunner420

    Yamaha YZ450F (2007)


  5. trailrunner420

    Dirt to Dual, Battery required?

    I'm pulling the ole' South Dakota loophole, won't have to deal with an inspection, just there to check a box as I do not plan on much night riding if any.
  6. Hey guys, I have a 2007 YZ450 and am about to install a LED headlight from Polisport. In order to accomplish this, I had to get a new stator from RickyStator to support the additional light wattage. Clearly I need a rectifier to "convert" AC to DC, but I am curious if I also need to install a battery. These bikes are kickstart only, so a battery would only serve to run the lights when the bike is off. The diagrams I have seen on this site show the rectifier connecting to the positive and negative terminals of the battery as a means of charging them. Is there a need for the battery? If so is there a way around this need? Thanks!
  7. trailrunner420

    Ambitious transmission swap

    The case is split, waiting on grease for the transmission forks. Do I need to put new rings in if I am not doing anything to the rotating assembly?
  8. trailrunner420

    Ambitious transmission swap

    Dewey, I mispoke (edit to follow), the search I did was the 2014 WR vs the 2007 WR. The '07 YZ can accomodate the '07 WR gears, and the '07-'14 WR part numbers are the same.
  9. trailrunner420

    Ambitious transmission swap

    Alright guys, Last night I purchased a transmission out of a 2014 WR450F to throw in my 2007 YZ450F. This was clearly a bold move, but all the sources I found seem to point to this swap being fine. I have been looking to put a wider tranny in since I bought the YZ about 3 months back so that it will be more trail friendly, and hopefully less of a pain to take on the roads when I get it licensed. The part numbers line up for the WR transmission from '14-'07 which leads me to think I'm fine, but a 7 year difference in the transmission has me a bit concerned. Do any of you know of a reason the 2014 WR450F transmission will not fit/function/last swapped into a 2007 YZ450F? Thanks for any input/help! Edit: Part numbers match between WR '14-'07 not WR '14- YZ '07