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  1. Hi, Earlier this year I put a Lifan 125 with an automatic clutch into an XR70 for my 9 year old son. Now he's learnt to ride the automatic clutch had become a problem as he's unable to pop the clutch to do wheelies and donuts etc (although he taught himself to slightly depress the gear lever slightly to disengage the clutch and pop the front wheel). I know I can swap the motor out for about $280 AUD off ebay, but I was wondering if it was possible to do a conversion. I've found the following parts on ebay Clutch case Manual Clutch I know I'll also need a lever and cable, but what other parts do you think I'll require? I've also seen a conversion kit for $165 USD, but it's for 88 to 108cc engines and once I convert it to local currency and pay for postage I might as well buy another engine, which won't go down well with the wife. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ian Oakes

    Manual decompressor for a Lifan 125

    On my sons 03 XR70, I dropped a Lifan 125 into it when the old motor threw a chain and destroyed the crankcase. The thing really rocks now and he loves it. However at 9 years old he struggles getting it past TDC when he stalls out and half the time I've gotta jump off my bike and restart it for him. Any suggestions on how I can hook up a decompressor on a Lifan 125?
  3. I got the auto electrician to simply cut and join these wires, bike is charging ok now. So far unable to source a similar connector. Had an email reply from cycleterminal.com and Joe says they're either a bus bar or a junction. He's tried to source them before without any success. I've seen a few threads around the internet now associating these connectors with charging problems. After a while the connections can deteriorate and cause earthing issues, resulting in voltage drop at the battery. After connecting the wires I went from 12.2v to 13.4v at idle. There's three of these connectors on the bike, two negative under the tank and one positive connector near the battery. All of them on my bike are showing their age and the auto electrician noted that the positive one near the battery felt warmish, increased resistance causing heat.
  4. Spoke to the bike shop and an auto electrician today and they both confirmed that it's an earthing plate and if you test continuity at wires leading into the good connector, you'll find they're all connected to earth. The WR has three of these earth plate connectors, two under the tank and one near the battery. Yamaha does not supply these plugs separate to the full wiring loom, and so far my search for a replacement has come up empty.
  5. The 6 Position 090 TS Connector (Special A) looks close, but what's with the metal plate that's plugged into the terminal, any ideas what it is and what it does ?
  6. Can anyone tell me what these white connectors are on a 2012 WR450F with 6 wires leading into a metal plate are for? As you can see from the photos, one of mine has burnt out and now my bike isn't charging. Any idea how I can replace it as I can't find it on any parts diagram