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  1. KTMarcos

    2019 yz250f and i'm bored already

    From the looks of that seat, I'd be BOARD too !!
  2. I had a similar situation in the same spot with my old XR600. Had it welded but it still seeped for years. I was on a six day ride in Michigan. Didn't have the option of taking my time to find a good welder or taking the case off. If you have time and remove the case, I bet welding will work. Best choice would be to replace the case,IMO. Best of luck !!
  3. KTMarcos

    Bike ramp?

    Beware wooden ramps! Years ago I watched a buddy slip on a slimy ramp, hit about in the middle and get launched into the air like a catapult. After we found out he was ok it was pretty darn funny, but that was the end of wood ramps for our crew.
  4. KTMarcos

    Rear fender wiring

    That is exactly the same as mine. I put a tool bag on my rear fender and didn't want to drill through the wiring. I dropped it down and was able to install the bag without issue. Thanks guys !!
  5. I'm not sure if this should be in the technical forum or not. I'm looking to put a small tool bag on my rear fender of my 2019 500 exc-f. What I'm wondering is if anyone knows where the wires Run for the tail light and the turn signals? I've got 4 quarter-inch holes to drill and I thought I would ask you all before I just take the fender off and look for myself.
  6. KTMarcos

    Engine noises

    Thanks ALL !! Now I can ride AND sleep.
  7. KTMarcos

    Engine noises

    So I've been riding Honda XR's since the 80s. I'm now 60 and wanted a lighter bike. The 2019 KTM 500 exc-f fit the bill perfectly. It is light powerful and nimble! I don't stand on the pegs as much as I used to so the seat has an issue but that will be a different discussion. LOL. I have 1.6 hours on this machine and just changed the oil. My only concern is and ( I don't know if it should be a concern) is that the engine has more mechanical type noises than I am used to. I know what a bad rod bearing sounds like, things like that, but it just seams I can hear the noises more than any other bike I've had. I can hear the motor noises quiet down when I pull in the clutch lever. So I guess my question is... Is this just the sound of this type of motorcycle and something I need to get over and get used to? The bike runs great and under power, I don't really hear these noises.