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  1. Gatorade88


    I used to live there. I always have my bikes locked up in some way. I hope that you can get it back, I will check around that area to see if there is anything.
  2. Probably going to cost quite a bit of money and time to get it into starting position. It's probably going to take a little more time since it's learning experience, but it's definitely something you can look up online and piece together.
  3. Gatorade88

    300 XC (MXC) vs YZ 250

    I'd look for a KTM 300 MXC if you plan on doing track and trails. I have a KTM 200 MXC (1999) and I absolutely love it. It has the SX gearbox and the suspension does fine on both trails and MX track. The main difference between the MXC and EXC/XC is that the MXC is geared a little higher overall. The MXCs are generally cheaper than the EXCs/XCs. On average they probably run for about $1,200 - $2,400. I got mine for $1,100. Maintenance wise we just had to change the air box, air filter, spark plug, oil, and change a fork leak which wasn't hard. For technical trails, the EXC/XC will do better most likely, as the MXC is a desert racer. The MXC can do technical even when it was designed for the desert.
  4. Gatorade88

    Which Bike for a Supermoto?

    X2 For the highways especially, get something that has a bigger motor so that way your not wearing the engine too much.
  5. Gatorade88

    2014 vs new...

    The suspension was probably bad on that WR450 because it's not a track bike. The CRF450R will be fine if your riding track. All MX 450s have touchy throttles since they use fuel injection, but it's something you can handle. If you want low-end power, the 450 will do the job, but if you go too low it will stall out pretty quickly from what I hear. The CRF450L is almost a completely different engine, but the CRF450R (if you have some experience) won't scare you.
  6. Gatorade88

    Should I keep my WR250F

    I've heard that the KTM 450 EXCs make really fun supermotos. The WR400/426 as well. All three bikes are louder and faster than there newer brothers.
  7. Gatorade88

    Hard time deciding and open to suggestions

    I always recommend the Honda CRF250X and the WR250F. Both bikes are slow when you want them to be, and fast when you need them to be. Both bikes have fairly low levels of maintenance, however, I've heard that the Honda is a little more challenging than the WR.
  8. One time I was doing a water crossing and it was about 3' so not super high, and the bike stalled in the middle. I'm quite short so I almost tipped it but saved it luckily. Boots were wet the rest of the day but that was nothing to worry about.
  9. Gatorade88

    Randomly hard to start when hot?

    That's the only thing I could think of, plugs, and coils lol.
  10. Gatorade88

    Riding techniques

    Agreed Ride in the position your most comfortable with. Dirt biking does take time to get used to, you just need to ride some easier trails and get the basics, and then ride harder trails as you go. The best thing to do in the beginning is to learn good throttle and clutch control.
  11. I'd say it's a good thing as long as you are sure it's for you and your finances say yes.
  12. Stick with both. If the wife is happy.
  13. Gatorade88

    First bike

    It's too bad nobody makes a trail bike in the 85-2T/150-4T range. Your best bet would be to get a 230 which may be tall, but you will grow into it quick. Also, the power is not crazy, making it a good novice bike. Maintenance is not frequent at all unless you really damage something specific, or are constantly revving it out.
  14. Gatorade88

    Beginner Rider, Which Bike Is Best?

    No matter what dirt bike you get, you will be working on it constantly. That's the name of the game. Yeah, maintenance will be occasional, but I don't think it will be anything you can't do. It's a learning experience. Also if you do go for it, then you can also set it up and tune it for better results on the trails.