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  1. That’s what I have and it seems to grip pretty good.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. You can understand my surprise though about the weep hole. I always find forums to be a wealth of info.
  3. Ok, so seriously? Yamaha put the hole in the wrong location. How’s that work? Thanks for the info though.
  4. Hi guys, I am new to this forum and have done some searching but have not found what I need. I just got back into dirt bikes and bought an awesome 1997 YZ250 2 smoke. Very low hrs, and tons of compression. It was well maintained. While changing the oil, I drained out the oil which was less than 1/2 qt by far. I drained this thing leaning it to all sides so I am fairly confident all oil was out. I am very concerned about riding it with so little oil. The manual says the case takes about .79qt. (750ml). When I filled it up, it started running out the lower weep hole (per the manual) prior to 1/2 qt. Many ideas or is this normal?
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