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  1. Hey guys, When I'm stopped with the clutch fully in(I've wound the cable in and out and in again but it still does it) it trys to go forewards with just enough torque to be annoying( I can only just stop it with my feet) when the tires off the ground I can't stop it with my hands with the clutch in. Any ideas?
  2. Gidday again. I was gonna take of my o-ring chain today and I got the lil clip thin bit of metal thingie off but the link wouldn't come apart after that. Is that all I need to do and its just stuck or did I miss a step. thanks.
  3. Forgive my ignorance, what's that?
  4. I've got the gytr exahust on my Yamaha wr450f and it make a noise like a bit of paper is in my exahust. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. the yz will be more powerful while the wr is more reliable
  6. Nah it's gone, bought the bike 2nd hand and came with bark Buster's in installed, one had the plug, the other side didn't
  7. Does anyone know where you get the expanding bolt bits that go into the end if the handle bar for bark Buster's?
  8. Hey guys, I just bought a 2007 WR450f and went to do an oil change and one of the oil drain bolts was really loose to undo and when it came out the magnesium threads from the case were on the bolt. Not a rare issue I know and I plan to put a Helicoil in but I was wondering what you do about metal shavings from the drill and tap getting into motor. I will put a bit of grease on them to catch some of the filings but I don't think that will get them all. I'm also worried about knocking the end if the Helicoil into the motor. I wanna get the bike on the trails soon so throw up what you think, cheers
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