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  1. Seen a guy almost wipe out and get nailed by a car this weekend. Thanks to his quick reflexes he saved it by grabbing the clutch, or at least that’s what he said. Looked like a newer ktm , I don’t know much about them but I think it was a duke 200. He was coming down the road and wound it out and the rear wheel locked, he went into a slide and near clipped a car coming in opposite direction. The bike looked like it was bleeding out. With out being a mechanic it seemed like some thing in the engine broke through the side of it. Someone there said it was the connecting rod. Kind of freaked me out. You never know what can happen. I didn’t stick around as he was with others. Hopefully he will post on hear to share his experiences. glad nobody was hurt.
  2. You should read my so much for so little. Me and a friend have been playing around with the fmf and controller and it would seem as though it does nothing but sound. The 42t lightweight sprocket and light weight tubes coupled with the k&n are yielding measurably better results for “us”. Your mileage could vary. But racing 2 machines side by side the the lightweight sprocket tubes and k&n win over the fmf and programmer every time in a drag race. We even switched bikes.
  3. So a guy I ride with has a 2018 250l and I have the 2019 250l. He has an fmf pipe and programmer on his. He has always been able to pull on me, highway and in town. I recently put in a k&n filter and replaced my chain tubes and sprocket for lighter ones. I went to an xring did chain and a 42t moose aluminum sprocket. I left the stock 14t upfront. My friend with the 2018 runs a 13/40. Overall I removed 3lbs of rotating weight from the rear wheel. I noticed the bike seemed much more lively after this. So tonight we went for a ride and now I can pull on him from a stop every time by a decent amount and on the highway he seemed to stop accelerating around 120kmh and I pulled passed him and accelerated up to 135kmh. I suspect he is on the down side of the power band at that speed as he revs higher than the 14/42. I think the combination of the k&n and the 42t in aluminum coupled with the light weight tubes may be a winning combination. It seems to have a greater effect than his exhaust and programmer mods. He said he is going to try my setup with his pipe and programmer . It will be interesting to see the difference. I should mention he has the stock air filter in his.
  4. Looks awesome. Love the pic. So not everybody is having buffeting issues with the bajaworx windshield. Anybody know if there is a retailer in canada
  5. Looks good. I am tempted to try one. Only problem is there hard to find in Canada.
  6. Looking for a windshield for the 250l has anyone got recommendations. It would be for the highway. I like the Baja worx one but I read some bad reviews on it about helmet buffeting. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations Pics if u got em!
  7. That makes sense to me. I ride 80% on road and 20% off. I was thinking I would do the same. When I ride off road in a group in dusty conditions I’ll through the stock filter in for extra insurance. However I did a rough test with a shop vac and drywall dust as it is very fine and the outcome was very good. I used a j cloth soaked in oil after the filter to catch any dust that came through the filter and both filters seemed to perform about equally as well as far as stopping the dust but the k&n plugged up slightly faster than the stock one. Also the stock filter only plugged up in little circles opposite to the perforations in the backfire screen. Hopefully I described that well. Current draw on the shop vac was less with the stock filter and you could hear the rpm in the vacuum was higher indicating much more restriction with the stock filter. All that being said it will be difficult to ride the bike with the stock filter after feeling the power difference. I think in the case of the 250l the difference with the k&n filter is very noticeable because the stock filter is made like a restrictor plate and is rediculoisly restrictive. I don’t think the k&n would show such gains in all other machines as it didn’t really make a difference in my gsx or my gs500 as they came stock with a good flowing filter.
  8. So I was always sceptical about the claims made by using a k&n airfilter as I had put one on a street bike and felt like it did nothing. So long story short, I got one As a gift for my 2019 Crf250l and decided to try it. I was totally suprised at the difference it made. I did back to back runs down a stretch of road with the k&n and the stock filter, with the k&n I hit 4kmh faster ever single time. It feels like the power band is much longer now, like it pulls up to a higher rpm before starting to drop in power. I am going to say about 800 rpm longer. After examining the stock filter I noticed him the backfire plate blocks near half of the filter. I am attributing to this as being the cause. I noticed my bike tends to run a little rich with the stock filter as there is noticeable suit in the tail pipe if I rub my finger in it.
  9. I can 1 finger brake with mine. 2019 stock brakes.
  10. That’s exactly what is happening. Once you loosen one bolt the other gets really tight as it bears the load of both. Completely normal. I would be worried if it was otherwise. I went over my bike with the torque wrench and everything seemed good. Haven’t had any trouble disassembling anything.
  11. I’m in Canada also and I have seen 142 km/h on gps come up with stock gearing. I wonder if altitude and fuel quality plays a part in this. Canadian fuel tends to be high quality and higher octane. The race guys use to truck there fuel down from here because the gas in newyork sucked! Not sure if x-ring chain made a difference. It’s the only alteration to the bike I have done. I like gold! Doubtful it would make any difference.
  12. Sorry for spelling. I have fat thumbs!!!iphone sucks!
  13. I just tried a 13t with 40 rear on my 2019. It was terrible lost about 10kmh top speed and engin just screems on the highway. The stock 14 tooth could do 139 km/h on gps easy. And could accelerate in 6th on highway. The 13t on mine made it top out around 128 km/h and it was reving outside of its usefull rpm range. Not sure why mine seems to be different. With the 14t if I snap the throttle at about 10kmh she lifts slightly. Putting on the 13t did about the same but it comes down faster because she revs out.
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