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    Keep Your Cool: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat

    Not a diagnosis, but personal anecdote. 52 and work outdoors in Las Vegas then ride technical for fun. Insulin resistance has been misdiagnosed for twenty years by my doctors as fatty liver disease. The fasting blood tests look at glucose and diabetes, not my super high levels of insulin from a diet of carbs to feed my love of caffeine and hard work. Getting it squared not by the usual fad diet (ketos) but studying Dr. Bikman, a scientist at BYU. Also, arm pump and leg cramping? Quinine in diet tonic water helps even more than handfuls of tums which spike insulin.
  2. dave medsker

    It's the Bike - 2019 250 edition

    When I #MRANdesertraced with a KX450F, the Husaberg version of your 350 ran circles around me, even off the line. I've never been a better rider now that I have a Husky 300, though, so bring any Yamaha and we can see how they do in the rocks.