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  1. MichWR


    Isn't there a General Dirt Bike forum or KX250 forum here?
  2. MichWR

    How many LP Michiganders are on here?

    My wife is from Midland. I have a brother-in-law that lives there and rides with his two kids. Maybe we'll have to set up an annual TC ride starting this spring. My WR250 is plated. IROC - still waiting to see if the house sale goes through. Should know any day. It will take a load off of our shoulders when it sells. We figured that we could reduce expenses enough so that moving to TC is affordable. My wife took a small pay cut, but I think that within six months she will be making more than she was downstate. I'll likely be taking a big cut when I go back to work. Right now, my wife is saying if the house is sold maybe I should take off until the fall of next year. I have a great wife There's plenty to keep me busy around here anyway.
  3. MichWR

    How many LP Michiganders are on here?

    Not retired . . . . .well maybe. My wife got a position up here and started in January. I was an Engineer at GM and requested a layoff (with 6 months pay)back in May. They granted it to me and my last day of work was July 31. There's not a lot of Engineering jobs up here so I'm looking at other options. I still have a lot of years of work left in me . . . .I'm 46. We just got an offer on our house in Clarkston, so I may be off for awhile It's great living up here! I don't miss the Detroit area at all. Good luck with your new job.
  4. MichWR

    How many LP Michiganders are on here?

    Just moved from Clarkston to Traverse City where we have owned a second home for awhile. I have a 2002 WR250F that is currently torn apart for some updates. I haven't had a chance to get it back together yet because of the move.
  5. MichWR

    DOT tires

    I would give it a shot with your current tires. I don't think that most officers know what to look for, or maybe they don't care, when checking out to see if the proper equipment is on a vehicle. The one that I had pretty much just checked the numbers and that was it. You are supposed to have a horn, dot headlight with a bright, a mirror, a brake light, and a light for the license plate.
  6. On my '01 WRF it is flush. I can't imagine that the YZF would be different.
  7. MichWR

    Help: Tool to remove steering races

    I just took the upper one out of my bike. I had a 1/2 inch round bar about 18 inches long laying around that I had used for winding my garage door springs. It ended up that I had to harden the ends but once I did that using a hammer on the bar it came out pretty easy.
  8. MichWR

    Factory connection re valve

    I had them do my suspension last spring. It was a definite improvement. I am happy with the service that they provided, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
  9. MichWR

    2 stroke/ 4 stroke tires ??

    If you look at the Dunlop 739 tires there is a "G" version made for 4-strokes. My understanding is that they are a little stronger because the 4-stroke bikes weigh a little more. I have 756's on my WR250F as many others do and they seem to work just fine. I wouldn't worry about purchasing a "4-stroke" tire for your bike. get what you want.
  10. MichWR

    suspension queries

    I had Factory Connection do my '01 WR earlier this year. I did notice a difference. They went up one on the rear spring stiffness so it's hard to say how much was the spring and how much was the revalve. It definitly gives me more confidence. Is it worth it? It depends on how dear the money is to you. For me - yes it was.
  11. MichWR

    Best WR 250 Dual Sport Conversion

    I have a Baja Designs kit on my '01 WRF. It's a good kit . . . easy to install and complete except for a mirror. Is it the best? . . . I don't know, but it was pretty much the only one available when I bought it. I have seen others recommended. Try doing a search here and the WR/YZ forum if you haven't already. How does it fare? Even with the Big Gun Quiet exhaust installed it is plenty loud and the noise would be annoying on the highway for any length of time. I would not want to ride it on an expressway due to the noise and rpms needed to keep up. However it's perfectly fine for riding a few miles to get to the trails or riding into town for gas or a meal. I wouldn't want to have to ride it 40 miles to get to the trails, but 5 or maybe even 10 wouldn't be too bad.
  12. MichWR


    If you look at some of the mags, they have shown that the YZF450 is putting out horsepower in the 50 to 55 hp range. I believe this is as the wheel isn't it? The WRF version would be putting out less . . . I would suspect in the upper 40s range. With a few mods the WRF would be up near the YZF range.
  13. MichWR

    Next bike ,wr250f ?

    I have a '01 WR250F, and my friend has a DRZ400E which I have ridden a little. I agree pretty much with what has been said here. The power of the DRZ is great, but in the woods I have no problem keeping up with it. The suspension and weight of the WRF is better. That's the decision that needs to be made . . . . a little less power (after mods) with a lighter bike and better suspension vs. more power of the DRZ. I think that a perfect bike would be a combination of a WRF & YZF with the torque and horsepower of the DRZ.
  14. MichWR

    Yamaha's SCARED

    I miss the days when I bought my '01 WRF and came home from work each day to read about the latest mod on Thumper Talk. Maybe I'll have to buy the CRF just to experience that again!
  15. MichWR

    Jetting for 2002 wr250

    I see that no one really replied to your question, so I will. I have a Big Gun Quiet exhaust with YZ timing on my '01 WR. I would recommend starting with the stock '02 YZ jetting (sorry I don't have the specs here but I just saw it in another thread). This will get you close. My jetting still isn't perfect (I do have a different MJ) but it is close, and I don't have the "bog". I also did the Air Cut mod.