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  1. Slim to none RichBaker. I'm familiar with how a torque wrench works but how do you know what the 'desired setting' is?
  2. On a DRZ400, not really. Actually pretty common for those that think they have the "feel" to crack the case when not using caution or reusing the stock style crush washer. Just curious, how do you prevent from over-tightening? Is there a certain setting on the driver or amount of force you should apply? Thanks everyone for the responses, I have a pretty good listing going of what I want/need.
  3. What is up guys. Just got an 06 DRZ and have been thinking heavy about what all I want to do with it. All of my own maintenance and some mods like the 3x3 and rejet. Can anyone recommend a set of tools that has everything I need to work on a DRZ or a motorcycle/dirtbike in general. I have already ordered a few JIS screwdrivers. Amazon has a few tool kits and socket sets. Just curious to know what you all use or have in your toolbox. Thanks! rocco
  4. Since you guys pretty much talked me out of a Suzuki Savage, although I still think it would be good enough for me, I don't want to ride a baby back b*tch bike. I've been looking at this DRZ for a week or so now. 2006 Suzuki DRZ400s - Third owner is selling after less than a year. 6,467 miles, Warp 9 wheels, Delkavic pipe, new hand guards, aftermarket LED headlight, new chain, and 15/41 gearing. 38 tooth sprocket for rear wheel included. He bought the bike with the wheels and pipe on it. Does not have the airbox mod or jetted carb, which I will want to do. Seller wants to upgrade to a true roadbike/supermotard. Seems like a decent guy. Says he only used it for commuting and to learn how to ride on the street, never intended on keeping it long. He had it listed for $4,000 which was way high compared to what I've been seeing, I offered him $3,500 a week ago. He has now reached out to me and after talking a bit, says he would sell it to me for $3,200. I'd have to rent a Uhaul and trailer to go pick it up. Would you buy this bike?
  5. Great comments, many laughs, thanks all. So glad I stumbled onto this forum. I definitely want a bike. I'm finally in a comfortable spot, living the American dream... wake up shower repeat. This will bring some thrill back to the grind. The wife is okay with it as long as I'm happy. I'll be riding street mostly, unless someone invites me onto their land. The closest trails to me or somewhere to ride dirt is 2 hours away. I always loved ripping the streets when I was 16 on a dirtbike, why not do it legally. Since there are so many good people in the general discussion, can anyone offer some 2' cents on this post:
  6. I missed out on a great deal for a DRZ and I'm pretty bummed about it. If I can throw some bikes at you guys to get your opinions it'd be much appreciated. The DRZ seems to sell well in my area because a new post is up every day. Overtime at work is heavy right now, so I might miss out on another, but if I get some time off and can make it the notary before they close, I may just jump on one. 2006 Suzuki DRZ400S 'Transformed' into SM. 6,468 miles. 3rd owner is selling it. Only uses it for commuting, about 10 miles a day, and occasional riding on back-roads. Warp 9 wheels, aftermarket LED headlight, new hand guards, Delkavic pipe, and new chain; 15/41 gearing. He also has a 38 tooth sprocket for the rear. It does not have the 3x3 air-hole or re-jetted carb. (Anyone know the cost to do this?) He said he would take $3,500. The last bike I was looking at was going to go for $3,300. 2011 Suzuki DRZ400S This bike may be a bust. Haven't heard from the owner. On Craigslist for 2 months, but worth a shot? 27,000 miles, FCR card, RMZ pipe. Never ridden off-road, only street. Meticulously maintained, vet owned. $3,200... seems like a lot of miles 2014 DRZ400SM fully loaded (From the ad) 15,000 miles. One of a kind DRZ that is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. Includes an extra set of off-road (S model) wheels with brand new knobby tires. I bought this bike with 400 miles on the odometer and have had it ever since. It's been garage kept and meticulously maintained (oil changed every 1000mi on the dot), still runs very strong and road ready. Here's a list of all the upgrades and accessories, although I'm probably missing several (everything was done by me): $5,600 but not firm -MRD full exhaust system -3x3 and jet kit -Comes with extra RK racing chain gold-plated -Cycra handguards (the expensive ones that mount to the triple tree) -Unabiker radiator guards -Trailtech Vapor digital gauge -DRC tail light w/ upgraded 12oclock Labs board (integrated rear turn signals) -LED front turn signals mounted to the handguards -Zeta upper triple tree clamp (bars will never twist on hard falls) -Pazoma folding clutch/brake levers -K&N air filter (I use stock filter for offroading) -ThumperTalk case savers -Acerbis supermoto front fender -Low profile under-bar mirrors -RAM mount for phone w/ USB charger -Currently running Shinko 705 tires on the Excels, practically brand new, 90%+ tread The list goes on of DRZs available. I could add a bunch more. They all range from 3-5 thousand or so. There are many with stock wheels, stock everything, low miles, in the 4000 range. There are some with many mods like the one above around 4-5k. $3500 is my ballpark so I'm just curious if I should spend more money for something basically brand new like a 2017DRZSM for 5k, an all stock DRZ, or something in the middle with a few mods. Would be nice to find one with low miles, SM wheels, and a jetted carb already. I am going to be riding street mostly just cruising around but want the capability to swap wheels if I want to ride in the dirt, nothing crazy. For those who have an opinion lets hear it. Hard to know which decision is the best when there are so many. This is off topic but there is a 2003 Suzuki Savage for sale for $1,450 that is senior owned and garage kept. So cheap. Thanks for reading. Rocco
  7. rocco_

    2006 DRZ400S, First bike...

    Okay Thumpers, the bike sold in 4 days... I missed out. Let me throw another one at you. I hope this will re-bump the thread. I found another 06 DRZ400s, 6,468 miles. 3rd owner is selling it, only uses it for commuting, about 10 miles a day, and occasional riding on back-roads. Says he transformed it into an SM. It does have Warp 9 wheels, aftermarket LED headlight, new hand guards, delkavic pipe, and a new chain; 15/41 gearing. He also has a 38 tooth sprocket for the rear. It does not have the 3x3 air-hole or re-jetted carb. Anyone know the cost to do this? He said he would take $3,500. The last bike I was looking at was going to go for $3,300. Would you pay 35 for this bike? Thanks again, Rocco
  8. rocco_

    Chester County PA Riders

    I'd do the same if I could. I drive for a living and sit above everyone else. Every other person is on their phone. All you can do is shake your head and drive safe...
  9. rocco_

    Chester County PA Riders

    Do you guys ride back roads at all? No way to haul a bike and no dirt close by so I was looking at getting a supermoto. That way I can do both if I want to.
  10. rocco_

    2006 DRZ400S, First bike...

    I recently learned there aren't many, if any at all, trails within a two hour radius of where I live unless I meet someone with private land. So I won't be doing much trail riding unless I have the time to make a trip of it. Still worth? I mainly want the supermoto for the dirtbike factor but with road capabilities. I don't mind cruising the back roads.
  11. Does anyone ride street in Chester County?
  12. rocco_

    Chester County PA Riders

    Hey man, I am about to buy a bike here shortly, stumbled upon your thread. I live in southern Chesco, what about you? Would be awesome to find some local trails.
  13. Yes! This is great. You all make valid points. That's all I needed, I want it. I just have to get to it before someone else does.
  14. Sup thumpers, I am debating hardcore whether or not to get a bike. If you're curious about which bike, I posted once already in 'What motorcycle should I buy?'. If this seems like a double post, my bad. Anyway, I'm torn right now, I have found a beautiful DRZ that looks in good condition, but just not sure if I should pull the plug. I know it will sell quick if I don't act now. I should have went and got my permit today but didn't realize how early the DMV closes. My wife is kind of against the idea, as we want to have children soon. Does that make me selfish to want a bike? I am not a beginner on two wheels and believe I am a safe driver; should I not put my safety at risk? I know there are plenty of dads who ride two-wheels. I always loved riding dirt bikes and think this could be a good hobby for me, something to do to get away for awhile, even if it is a quick ride around town or through some back roads. I am currently in the whole 'adult' stage, if that makes sense. Wife, house, kids (very soon), bills, 9-5 job. My other hobbies have faded away over the years, maybe this will bring me the thrill I am looking for. Someone convince me... or don't. I don't have anyone to ride with or anyone to really bounce this idea off of, but it doesn't hurt to hear what other people think. Thanks, Rocco
  15. rocco_

    2006 DRZ400S, First bike...

    Honestly I am not sure where to look for the bolts, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind pointing them out if I asked. Thank you for the tips. If I go, I will make sure the engine is cold. He said he would take $3,300, now I am very tempted.