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  1. I have an 06 KX250 with a Keihin. When working on cleaning the carb this last time, it occurred to me that I have no idea what the TPS and Solenoid must do and when. I don't think the TPS effects timing, but I'm not sure. I've always had fouling problems without warning up the bike. If I do a long warm-up, it still needs "cleaned out" with WOT under load for a bit. I think deleting the solenoid circuit might help, but I want to understand the Why behind it all. 🙂
  2. I will venture a guess that the TPS input determines if the solenoid will open or not, and how long. I'm not sure where in the carb circuit this is supposed to affect the fuel/air mixture. I don't think it can advance the timing. Anyone else?