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  1. I know the frame has been updated, but i do not know if the dimensions have changed for the tank fit. Which part number am i looking for for the KTM branded 13L tank for the 2014 350 xcfw? Has anyone put one on a 14 successfully? thanks in advance.
  2. Lost my sd750 canon camera. somewhere in baja on the way to the pacific side. The card will have pictures of me (mohawk), probably a few of my wr450F with 8 inch racelight, and I also took pictures of a dead whale on the beach. PM me on the site if you have any leads. Thanks.
  3. ARin

    painting clear oversize tanks ?

    they arent using enough dye, or letting it steep long enough.
  4. ARin

    painting clear oversize tanks ?

    yep, dye it...dont paint it. get a big tupperware storage tub that the tank will fit in. boil a bunch of pots of water, add dye, and fill the tank with dye water, and submerge it in dye water. Ive done this to small plastic parts from RC cars and whatnot. most clear or white plastics take dye very well.
  5. ARin

    wr jetting question

    not a LOT...probably will just need to fiddle with the fuel screw
  6. ARin

    strongest final drive chain?

    yup, if you are bowstring tight at this point in the suspension travel, you are going to go through sprockets and chains way faster than normal...and in the worst case scenario, blow out your countersprocket bearing.
  7. ARin

    strongest final drive chain?

    use a ratchet strap through the rear rim, and over your subframe...ratchet it down until the rear swingarm is LEVEL with the floor. (about half compressed). then check your slack. this is the point where the chain will be the TIGHTEST in the arc of the swingarm. there must be some slack at this point.
  8. ARin

    pro circuit levers

    they are plug and play.. the trick is that they are hinged with a spring to bend BACKWARDS. they will bend all the way backwards on themselves, and spring back. try to break THAT
  9. ARin

    pro circuit levers

    the stronger they get, the more likely you are to just break the perch instead. Years ago i finally ponied up for ASV's...and that was the last dollar i ever needed to spend on levers. it was a WISE investment.
  10. ARin

    strongest final drive chain?

    a properly adjusted chain should last a LOT longer than that. dont use the "3 finger method". there are good tutorials for proper chain adjustment. i just went on a ride with 70+ people, and probably 90% of them had TERRIBLY tight chains.
  11. ARin

    wr jetting question

    COLDER DENSER air causes a LEANer condition, necessitating richening the jetting. Use this as a starting point. See how close that gets you. 165 main, JD Red #5, 48 Pilot, 1.25 turns, 68 starter jet, #40 leak jet
  12. ARin

    best compromise?

    Ive never heard of the WR referred to as a "compromise" before.
  13. ARin

    wr jetting question

    follow that chart that you quoted. you may need to fiddle with the fuel screw setting a bit to get it perfect...but that chart will put you DAMN close. COOLER air will be more dense, and have more O2. Hotter air will be less dense. 0-3000 75-90 jetting works for MOST people as an all around. This is what i used in baja, with greatly varying temps and elevations. Worked very well. these jetting changes arent arbitrary. They CORRECT what is normally a very lean factory condition, that only gets leaner with the more mods you do. plug in the new jets, and post your findings. almost forgot...I have also found that the 40 leak jet is pretty much the only one i use. keeping the LJ size small minimizes throttle bog.
  14. ARin

    '03 Steel frame gas tank

    get the safari trail 4.4 tank. it rides like stock...has a more "stock" look...and fits with no additional parts, etc... also, it provides extra protection to the rads. i LOVE this tank.
  15. ARin

    Beater/Project WR450f

    so.......is the seat more comfortable? I love 04's....and yours is looking SWEET!