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  1. John Johnson

    Rmx250 year model

    Can anyone tell me if this is an original rmx part. It doesnt seem to fit into my wiring diagram. Wiring was a mess when i bought it.
  2. John Johnson

    1998 RMX Top end

    Can anyone help at all please. I pulled the top end off my 98 rmx250 and found the powervalve was covered in black sludge. I cleaned everything up and all looks ok apart from a buggered spring and rubbing marks on powervalve. No cracks or chips etc. Also my piston looks brand new but has small guages in top.Can i reuse these powervalves just with a clean and new spring? Cylinder looks fine. any help is appreciated
  3. John Johnson

    Rmx250 year model

    Yes im in Australia. Thanks
  4. John Johnson

    Rmx250 year model

    Sorry if this has been asked. I am new to forum. If my bike is stamped 4/98 does that make ot a 98 or 99 model. And does anyone know where i can get owners/repair manual for one please
  5. Very late reply. Did you find a pipe to fit? I just got a 98 rmx250 and it has springs not bolts holding pipe in. Im in aus as well. Any ideas why. Thanks