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  1. dkozinski

    Chain Size for 15/50 gearing

    thanks for the reply.. much appreciated...
  2. dkozinski

    Chain Size for 15/50 gearing

    I would much appreciate if someone knew what size chain and how many links I would need to run 15/50 sprockets on my 05' DRZ 400S? Also it seems that the derailer is pretty tight with a 50 tooth on the back, let me know if I need to make any modifications or if I'm ok stock? Thanks
  3. cool, thanks for the input and much appreciated.
  4. Does anybody know if its worth the cost from going with a Yoshimura pipe with jetting and spending the $$$ to buy the 4520c kit. The kit consists of a 92mm forger aluminum piston, installed 5mm offset crankpin, bored and nikasil plated cylinder, Yoshimura billet cams, Yoshimura performance kit ignition, heavy-duty clutch kit, head gasket, and base gasket. I'm looking to gain more horsepower but have no idea how much this will help. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  5. dkozinski

    is the yoshimura 4520c kit worth it?

    sorry meant to ask 400 forum
  6. dkozinski

    Gearing 14/47 Drz 400s

    Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it...
  7. dkozinski

    Gearing 14/47 Drz 400s

    Can anyone advise if it's tricky to get the front sproket off a DRZ 400S? I presently have the original 15 on the front and have 47 on the back. I'm going to try 14/47 but noticed a few wires around the spoket cover and not sure if the cover and sprocket is a difficult to get off? Any front sprocket guidelines would be appreciated. And if anybody knows how approximately how much top end speed I'm losing with 14/47 gearing would be great too. Right now she tops out at about 92mph..
  8. dkozinski

    Removing the stator cover

    I need to repair a crack in my case and I dont know the best steps to take off the stator cover. Can anybody provide the proper steps so i dont open a can of worms. Thanks'
  9. dkozinski

    Shift lever cracked my case

    I would appreciate if anybody knows a simple remedy to fix the crack. It's a small crack but oil is dripping. Is it possible to use a JB Weld, if so which one? (is the case aluminum). Is it a hassle to remove the case and seal it from the inside? The ironic thing is I tried to prevent this by grinding down the sharp point of the shift lever. It cracked anyway.
  10. dkozinski

    2005 DRZ 400S..Any tips for more power?

    just put a 47 on the back, so i can ride 2nd thru 5th gear wheelies, but i need more power... My buddy said the best thing to do is rejet, but i dont know what the best jetting is with the best pipe...
  11. I bought a new 2005 DRZ400s last year and haven't had much money to dump into it. but now I was wondering if anybody knows what i could do to get some more horses? I'm guessing re-jetting and a pipe, but I'm not sure what to do as far as correct jetting and which would be the best pipe? Any other suggestions for more power would be appreciated too.
  12. dkozinski

    2005 DRZ-400s Battery (Help)

    Thanks for the help.... Dan
  13. dkozinski

    2005 DRZ-400s Battery (Help)

    I appreciate the help and thanks for the info.... Dan
  14. dkozinski

    Adding a kick starter on a 400s

    Is it expensive and, or difficult to add a kick starter onto a DRZ 400S?
  15. dkozinski

    2005 DRZ-400s Battery (Help)

    Has anybody had trouble with there battery not holding a charge. My bike started all winter long (in Chicago) and recently it didnt have enough juice to start, so I put in on a battery charger on trickle charge overnight and now it will start up but by the next day it won't hold a charge and just click? I'm not sure if anything is draining it or if I need to buy a new battery? Also how much trouble and cost would it be to add a kick start? Any help or comments would be appreciated....