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  1. Randy Rhino

    Conversion questions

    Maybe I can help, I just bought a 1994 650XRL. 93 & 94 seem to have shared the same carb. heres a picture of my Smog equipped OEM Carb. The carb's stamp reads VE85A .. I ordered the same from Partzilla 16100-my6-671 They showed 2 in stock. But when Partzilla immediately filled my order They superseded the carb # automatically. BTW The replacement carb # lists for many more years 93 clear through 2007...... 16100-MY6-671 - SS BY - 16100-MY6-772 - CARBURETOR (VE85C - Superseded by 16100-MY6-772 with QTY 1 $225.00 16100-MY6-772 - CARBURETOR (VE85C - Replacement part for 16100-MY6-671
  2. Randy Rhino

    New Honda Turn Signal Control is Bad

    My Blinkers aka Turn indicators accepted the new switch just fine, They all light up and blink as they once did when new!
  3. Randy Rhino

    New Honda Turn Signal Control is Bad

    I did not need to over tighten, This Honda Multi switch assembly has a small round tab that corresponds to a small hole in the stock handle bar, The tab serves as a guide for placement Location and serves to stop rotation as well, I did wonder if putting tape on the handle bar might serve as a water/moisture barrier to help keep rain out?
  4. Randy Rhino

    New Honda Turn Signal Control is Bad

    I took a second look and tried again, Indeed I could move the switch left and right if not applying any inward pressure. Thanks for your advice!
  5. Randy Rhino

    New Honda Turn Signal Control is Bad

    I found Spark It was the CDI Box...... Now for the fuel issues,.... All I seem to have is the choke or Idle circuit, I think its safe to assume The other jets are clogged after many years of sitting. Its order a carb kit time or maybe even a new Carb.
  6. Randy Rhino

    New Honda Turn Signal Control is Bad

    Thanks Guys! It was simple, It works just fine! I was pushing it in first, then trying to slide it left or right, You guys straightened me out, Thanks for you help! ...I bought this straight out 10 years of Storage, The price seemed right. First thing New battery, Oil & filter changed, Drained Fuel tank added fresh, went to fire it up "no spark" I've been going through everything! posted here on TT and doing everything advised, New CDI box arrived today
  7. Randy Rhino

    New Honda Turn Signal Control is Bad

    Correct! Push it in first makes no difference, Push it in is the only thing I can do!
  8. Brand new Turn signal switch won't budge. Hello Everybody! This is my first Post on Thumpertalk, I've been reading here for days now, Finding out all kinds of great advice too! Thank you all for that! Now onto my issue, I recently bought an old 1994 XR650L, And of course it has all the normal issues with the XR650L going on, But this one seems different, or at least I can't get the search to focus for me on The Turn Signal housing, My XRL Has the Turn signal button missing, There is a steel tab poking out of the housing that the button must attach to. The tab is to sharp to push to the left or right, but I can push it in, I Sprung for a brand new Control $61.00 from Partzilla, Looks nice! its even got the grey button on it, lol Here lies my problem, I can only push the button in, Just like the old one, I can not move it to the left or the right, Brand new! What am I doing wrong?? is there some trick I'm not aware of? Do I dare take it apart to fix? Or just return it to Partzilla? Thanks! Rhino