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  1. sassyinpink

    What happens if oil gets in your stater?

    clean it up as best as u can. the oil may burn or clogged ur parts.
  2. sassyinpink

    How did you improve your riding?

    practice with friends. repeat and repeat till you get tired. then rest and try again that works for me. though i have to be honest and confess i am not exactly the fastest learner biker around
  3. lol objects on the screen are larger... hahahaha ­čśé
  4. sassyinpink

    Bike ramp?

    i got mine from amazon, moto ramp pro. not expensive, light too
  5. sassyinpink

    What to look for in a cargo trailer

    wow! nice photos and thanks for sharing how long do u usually takes to modify a trailer till it is perfect for u
  6. i am building a screen door too to keep out the bugs! happy if u guys have any recommendations
  7. sassyinpink

    Keep Your Cool: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat

    i used to be in the army, and riding a bike with the gear... just plain hot. we drink tons of water and don't ride our bikes in middays. u just don't ride when the sun is awfully hot