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  1. shoulder

    James Stewart+Crashes+Concussions=ADD or ADHD

    Truth is NOT one of us probably know the whole situation we just know what is being said by media and so on. I think James is good for the sport i do not in any way think that using drugs to help you do better is ok. So what is the difference in a person drinking 2 redbulls before a race that has enough caffine in it to explode your heart and taking a LEGAL drug that is being used for some medical condition that is perscribe to him. If that is cheating i think redbull and Monster should be looked at also. Another point we have all seen it when a racer has a bad spill on the track and break a finger or bone in their hand...do they get any pain meds so that they can finish the day of racing? Probably, is that cheating?
  2. shoulder

    Compression question

    I just rebuilt my 2011 ktm 250xc it had 148psi compression and the only reason i rebuilt it was because it seemed really week on power compared to a friends exact same bike...I put a new piston and rigs in it now it has around 190ish and runs totally different. I wouldn't just ring your bike i would put a piston in also just for good measures.
  3. shoulder

    2011 250xc tank help

    Looking to buy a stock tank for a 2011 250xc tank new style tank. where would be a good spot to buy one? I'm looking for a good used one but no luck any ideas where to find one? I have a dry break 3.3gal and I just want a stock tank may trade if someone had a used one to trade on.
  4. shoulder

    2011 250xc spongy front brake *reasons/fixes*

    Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Rode my bike last weekend went to get it out to just look everything over before the weekend and noticed that my front break lever will pretty much touch my grip... It got some better when i pumped it but still weak and spongy...any suggestions on fixes?
  6. I have a 3.3 gal tank with dry break set up I would love to trade for a stock tank or even buy one for my 2011 250xc stroke.
  7. shoulder

    2011 250xc 2stroke (power loss) Reasons? Help..

    The power is weak on lowend...It has what appears to be the green spring in it and i unscrewed the power valve adjuster to where its flush(going to ride tomorrow to see how it does). I'm going to check the silencer next I guess. I'm going to check the compression what should it be before being rebuilt?
  8. shoulder

    2011 250xc 2stroke (power loss) Reasons? Help..

    My power valve is adjusted all the way in..(does that make the hit softer? going to check the spring color today hopefully) Pipe is a works FMF pipe and silencer my gearing is a 13/48 his is a 14/50. IF the X dimension is wrong will the compression be low? Is the X dimension the gap between head and piston or have to do with the base gasket thickness? *thanks for the time and help
  9. I just bought a 2011 250xc upgrading from a 09 300xcw. I rode the bike seemed to run pretty good from what I could tell on the area I had to ride it. However when riding it is seems really weak compared to my friends 2011 250xc. I was told it had a fresh rebuild heres the things that im thinking... 1. low on compression.... The bike seems to have good compression and starts really good... need to check (what would be good?) 2. different gearing... My bike has a 13/48 my friends bike that im comparing my bike to has a 13/50 3. power valve spring and timing... need to check Guys that about all I know to do has anyone else had these issues or can think of anything im missing?? Let me know what you all think... Thanks for the help.
  10. shoulder

    Mammoth GNCC quick video I made

    good video I was there also did you ever find the hill climb that was like a mile#4? it was suppose to be good but we never could find it.
  11. shoulder

    KDUB! 200th!

    I have talked to KDUB one on one and he's seems so down to earth and seems to really like talking to his fans....Just a nice person fame really hasn't changed him I don't think.
  12. shoulder

    KDUB! 200th!

    we went to STL and my wife and I was shouting for KDUB he raced very well....Hes the smoothest rider by far on the track....
  13. shoulder

    Used KTMs? We're are they?

    Yea this makes the 3rd Yz i've had and i consider them a poor man's ktm LOL....flywheel weight and there pretty good in the trail....
  14. shoulder

    Used KTMs? We're are they?

    well I hate to say it but I really got tired of looking for at 250-300xc-xcw so I bought an 07 yz 250 set up decent for woods so I'll have something to ride until I find what i want.
  15. shoulder

    St. Louis Track Preview

    we're going to our 1st st.louis race we usually go to indy but wanted to switch it up a bit!! hope its a good race