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  1. Chisler

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    The rider was very lucky .... he bailed off the bike before the hit.
  2. Chisler

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    I’ll leave it to you to put a caption in .... on my way to work Yamaha ... Makes a better Machine
  3. Check out his web site ... he helped me out on my Keihin on my Husky ...fast shipping out to me also ... he knows his stuff ...
  4. Chisler

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    I own a Browning Hi Power and sure would like pack it when out riding .... unfortunately up here that’s a big No No ....Things happen out riding .... I’m sure a few of you have had to spend a night out in the woods .... And as there’s” Grizzlys lurking behind every tree “ around here .... : ) I see no difference packin on a quad ... what’s the difference on a dirt bike .... you get hurt ,have to spend the night ... it’s nice to have ... can be a long walk out ... I would prefer a firearm any day over bearspray in a holster
  5. Chisler

    How To: Paint rims

    I went with a Scott damper ..... so far I like it ... you will need the mounts and the tower ... got it from Gnarlys www.gnarlyparts.ca
  6. Chisler

    Randomly hard to start when hot?

    Are you using any of this on the electrical connections ... believe me it’s really good stuff
  7. Chisler

    IRC Tire USA

    Just got er mounted up on my Husky .... shall give this EVO a try ... 120 bucks out the door Cdn .... gonna hit the Chilliwack River Valley : )
  8. Chisler

    Brand loyalty

    1972 Chevrolet K10
  9. Chisler

    Brand loyalty

    What can I say they don’t build them like they used too ... they can bury me in the box of my old hunting rig ... that and Can Ams ... don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything new in my life .... like to look at the new stuff ... but prefer the older .... : )
  10. Always did like the Rms ..... think your on the right track going with the 2007 frame ..... match that up with some Olin’s ...👍
  11. Is your friend .... as said with 6mm fasteners ... : )
  12. Chisler

    Best 2 Stroke Trail Bikes

    1982 ..... : )
  13. What battery would you use .... having used the multi sport batteries for my quads .. East Penn ... in some fairly cold conditions and all over the country they are awesome ,do they even make one for your bike build, would this brand hold up .