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  1. Jack Butz

    West Texas Chispa road ride

    I'm experienced in riding Death Valley,CA and central NV and enjoy the desolation. My DRZ has a 250 mile range so I think the distances riding the Chispa road would not be a factor.
  2. Jack Butz

    Friday June 5th, Jessup NV

    Looks like a great place to ride and explore. Enjoy.
  3. Jack Butz

    newmexico West Texas Chispa road ride

    Was wondering if anyone has recently ridden the Chispa road from Valentine TX to Candalaria TX. Also the road west from the Chispa to Esperanza TX. Curious about road condition an accessability due to locked gates. Planning to ride that area in Dec 2019 or Feb 2020. Also looking for riders to join me. Will be riding DRZ400S.