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  1. Xt4fun

    Suspension update

    Thanks that sounds very do able on my budget. With the big bore kit and some better suspension. It should be fun , taking it for a hot lap around ol Honda valley .[emoji847]
  2. I have a 1982 Yamaha xt250 where should I start? I am going to use it both on & off the ro22ad. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    Ps I'm bidding on a 1uy Head As we speak. [emoji4]
  4. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    Hello my friend , you know if the rear shock is rebuildable or maybe a shock off another bike?the front forks maybe thicker oil, spacersfor a lil.more preload ? I heard someone installed a reservoir on the stock rear shock. Also one question guy on putting the 350 piston & barrel on the 250 i understand I'll need to increase the rod pin dia. By 1 mm. Correct? I truly appreciate your assistance in this project.
  5. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    What years did the big valve head's come out for my application? Great info . This motor is going to rock & roll. VERY COOL.
  6. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    Thanks again guy lr . What do you think about advantage parts they have a kit87-1996 comes with piston,barrel,head & gaskets etc. Very reasonable price. I think all I need except carb & cam. Would the yzf350 carb rejetted perform well or should I consideter something larger? It's good to use some ones experience to help others not make the same mistaks others have made. [emoji4] .
  7. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    Thanks again for the info . Just wondering how you came up with 357cc ? Does the yzf 400 barrel & piston fit ? I'm trying to build a duel purpose bike that's fun to ride on & off the road . Even an occasional run on the freeway . I do enjoy doing an occasional wheelie.ill go with a wiesco piston 10.5 - 11.0 compression. Bigger valves,I w/aftermarket cam make my own exhaust any recommendations for a carb.
  8. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    I want to thank you very much Guy for the quick response quick response, & great info. Ya I think 350cc would be great .I agree that many cc's would definitely need larger valves . As they say "If it flows it goes" I agree... I worked late today.family night I'll get back to you tomorrow. What do you suggest for a cam ?
  9. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    Typo error - I meant resleeve not reserve . Ill attach photo's soon. Thanks again for any help or advice you can give me
  10. Xt4fun

    Big bore for 1982 xt250 ?

    I want to thank you for post tt250& xt250hot rod project. I think I'll go with yfm 350 big bear. I have a question would the 350 barrel work or do I need to reserve. Also what about the yfm400 instead?? More ccs[emoji16] Thanks xt4fun
  11. I just purchased a 1982 xt250. I like the bike , being light ECT. I'm 60yrs. Young been riding since 10 yrs old started racing at 12 on a xr 75. I need more power & possibly some suspension help. I enjoy working on my bike. Make it my own. Thanks for any help. Bill