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  1. Thanks for the reply and good advice about Duffy or even a local with his bike on the back of his truck around there. Plan is to do an actual dirtbike trip back down to Kamloops in October so wanted to get my feet wet a bit before a two dayer full of riding, getting lost and hopefully not breaking anything. I'll be on the 350EXC. Downloading Avenza as I type...
  2. I guess another question is - who still rides their bike onto the bed of their truck and what is your process? Just bought a new GMC AT4 with the folding tailgate but am still a bit too short to load by myself. Picked up a motorcycle hauler that goes in the trailer receiver but would like to have the skill set of solo loading into the box if ever required.
  3. Hey guys I'm coming down from PG on Monday for work and hope to get some riding in Monday around 4pm and then Tuesday for a quick blast in the evening in case anyone wants to show me around? My bike is 100% street legal if that changes anything. I was told to check out Bachelor Heights and Inks Lake - good suggestions? Preferably some flowy single track where I aint gonna get lost and nothing too crazy as I am technically on a work trip and don't need to be a hero. Thanks!
  4. Close please - wrong section.
  5. Definitely take you up on that offer in the coming weeks... thank you!
  6. This is the one thing that scares me about new ownership of a dirt bike. I'm extremely diligent when washing but sometimes you need to get the sprayer on places it maybe shouldn't go. Where did you mount your tuner? You can also go over all the connections with dielectric grease as well as any other connections on the bike that may be prone to water exposure. Good you figure it out anyways!
  7. As fun as they are...not a 2-stroke. CR230F or Yamaha TTR230. Trail bangin' 4-strokes that will let you grasp balance, clutch & throttle control.
  8. For the butt - this thing. Can't believe how much the new seat holds me in place no matter what I'm doing.
  9. Nothing bad - it's just extra air going into the exhaust from that hose. In my S4 (automotive world) it helps warm the CAT up on cold starts - not sure if it would be the same for bikes but we don't have a CAT so not sure what the purpose is??? I replaced my stock pipe with an FMF and then took the reeds out so would assume you either have an aftermarket exhaust or end cap which is making the noise more audible now.
  10. Secondary air injection. Theres a hose you plug with a bolt or emission kit that will get rid of that noise. I thought I liked the noise too but gets irritating after a while.
  11. Yes that logically makes sense. With ICBC (assuming similar to out east) they had an array of issues with guys strapping signal + light kits on 2-smokers and everything else under the sun. The BC government mandated that unless the bike's attached VIN comes "street legal" you cannot insure an off-road bike for on-road use. That's why I bought my EXC! But then a guy has to spend $1500 on exhaust + ECU to get it to where it should be
  12. That is great feedback to hear. I wasn't sure about Acerbis parts initially (whether they were outsourced to China like everything else these days) but seeing how they're built in Italy and continuous positive reviews I will keep supporting their products. Reasonably priced with good protection & performance for our machines. Side note - have a couple days riding on their X-seat and is fantastic for how much it holds you in place on the bike and looks great too!
  13. And trade in EXC for a 150 2T. Great thread and tips - thank you OP.
  14. Have you checked all your connections are solid? Have you checked again? Talking to Slaven's yesterday and the rep on the phone mentioned his box was great for a few months then out on the trails it just quit working out of nowhere. Turned out it had shook itself apart. Vortex...
  15. When I had my KX250 back in Alberia it was a jaunt out to Calmar for ditch banging or the MX track at some farm close by there but it's been a few years so not sure if they're even open to the public anymore. Unfortunately there is no crown land in the vicinity so Hinton / Edson / Bruderheim was where most of my buddies went. Move to BC if you like riding...absolutely unreal out here anywhere you go.
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