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  1. Zook450

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    14 450 Port& polished head Polished tranny Vortex ignition Full hinson clutch Pr2 suspension & lowering link Cv4 red rad hose Galfer break rotor ARC levers Works connection red bling kit Frames been kinda polished not finshed yet though Thinking about going all black& white and trying to find a good custom graphic any thoughts on a good graphic place ive already looked into invision artworks and seen a few that were real nice
  2. Zook450

    Lets check them bikes out guys

    Lol that made me feel a little foolish. but thanks I didnt think to go back in pages as I thought the 1st page would be most recent but now that I'm looking at other post I see that is not the case lol makes sense though
  3. Zook450

    Help with rmz 450

    I personally have never serviced the fi system but the bike was recently rebuilt and gone completely over by our local shop(thats not confidence I'm saying that with lol). But I will look at replacing the pump filter and cleaning the injector thanks for the thought. For some reason I really believe the new filter oil I have is making it run to rich I may have have put to much oil on the filter. Also the bike never sits for more than a day as I usually at least ride up and the street with it.
  4. Zook450

    Lets check them bikes out guys

    Lol the most recent reply I see on that thread is 2006
  5. Zook450

    Help with rmz 450

    Ok guys so the other day my bike wouldnt start so i tore it down noticed the throttle body was loose tightened it up and boom first kick started up and run fine. I went for a 10 min ride around my neighborhood today. Usual stuff 35-40 mph tops, wheelie for the neighbor kids brought it home shut it off 20 mins later bike would not start. So i tore it back down took the spark plug out kicked the motor over a few times to check spark. Put plug back in fired right up. I have no idea whats going on. Is it possible for a vapor lock on these bikes or is it possable that the injector is sticking a little and flooding it or could the foam oil filter spray be making my bike run to rich? I am at a loss and dont want to tear the bike apart every couple days. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appriciated
  6. Zook450

    Lets check them bikes out guys

    I just simply wanna see pics of everyones bike lol heres mine 2014 suzuki rmz 450 Port&polished head High compression piston/rings/valves Vortex ignition Polished tranny Full suspension built by pr2 with pr2 lowering link Cv4 rad hose Arc unbreakable levers Oversized galfer front brake rotor Works connection red billet bling kit Full hinson clutch Half polished frame lol Sure im forgetting a few things lol
  7. I just had the same problem with my rmz 450 2 days ago I checked everything it had strong spark was getting plenty of fuel but when it back fired my throttle body popped off the motor. Tore it down tightened it back up and started right up. i dont know if its the same with your bike but its worth a look
  8. Zook450

    Axel grease

    I know alot of people wont like this answer but for the last 5 years on all my bikes ive just went and bought whatever autozone had on the shelf for a cheap price. Never gave me a problem always was grease still on axle everytime ive pulled the back wheel. (I go through tires like crazy lol)
  9. Zook450


  10. Zook450

    Need help bike wont start

    Well i really hoped for more input from a few more people lol... But I'm new on here so oh well thanks zooknharley for the reply I checked that and cable seemed fine so I tore the subframe and air box off. Notice my throttle body was a little loose so I tightened in down and boom back to a 1 kick start. So I'm not really sure if it was the throttle body but I threw it all back together took it for a test and seemed fine open the throttle and hang on for dear life lol Thanks again zooknharley
  11. Zook450

    Need help bike wont start

    The previous owner had it rebuilt at 93 hrs if memory is right it now has 105 so i have put 12 hrs on a rebuilt motor so I dont think it jumped time but really dont know.
  12. Zook450

    Need help bike wont start

    Will try that im about to pull the injector and inspect it to see if its working the way it should
  13. Zook450

    Need help bike wont start

    Ok so this is my first post on this site usually just lurk until I find what I'm looking for but I'm at a loss on this one so hoping someone can help me out here's the story I have a 2014 rmz 450 the previous owner had this done to it Port and polished head High compression piston/rings/valves. Vortex ignition Transmission was polished Cv4 rad hose Pr2 suspension with lowering link I'm sure I'm forgetting somethings but anyway bike ran great started 1st kick every time. I did have to have the shocks rebuilt and had to do a countershaft seal replacement already but fastforward to 4 days ago. Bike ran fine I let my "father inlaw" ride my bike against better judgement he bump started it right off the truck and took off like a bat outta hell( bike was not warmed up) like the idiot he is found him about a half hour later trying to push start the bike said it bogged out like it run out of gas but idk I xid not see. so i got on and no start tried to pull it with a pickup because he was far out and couldnt even start it that way so I got it home and started checking things this is what ive checked so far It has good spark It is getting fuel from the pump ( I have not checked the injector yet.) It's got good compression I pulled the wires off the tank i beleive thats were the tps is right? I have no manual. And they were not coroded or anything like that I dont really wanna pull the motor apart as I have never done this but if that is what must be done I will I cannot figure out whats up with the bike I love the way it rides from what ive got to ride it but only being able to ride it 10 hourse in about 2 months because of always working on it is starting to piss me off I will always go with a suzuki so please nobody say should switch to blue or shoulda got a ktm . any help would be appriciated