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  1. fstkmaro

    What you did to your XR today?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I just ordered one. It should be here on Saturday, just in time to take the pig for a stump!
  2. fstkmaro

    What you did to your XR today?

    Not really that bad. I was by myself. I did have to employ the ratcheting straps to pull the tank down to be able to attach the brackets. I think I did it in 90 minutes. The first time I take the tank off my bike LOL. I need to tidy up the fuel lines, the one going to the carburetor is a bit bigger than the T provided and began to leak. A hose clamp fixed it but I dont trust it. Going to Autozone to get a fuel line Y adapter to replace the T connector.
  3. fstkmaro

    What you did to your XR today?

    The new tank comes with new petcocks. Unfortunately, there is no provision to get left to right tank gas. There are hacks for that. Some of them in youtube.
  4. fstkmaro

    What you did to your XR today?

    I finally installed my Big Red Tank Finished
  5. fstkmaro

    Acerbis 5.8Gal Mounting Kit

    Thank you. I also did end up calling them. There is one kit coming my way. They did not charge me for it. This is definitely above and beyond of them. I will have to look at them more often for my BRP and other needs.
  6. fstkmaro

    Acerbis 5.8Gal Mounting Kit

    Thank you. in my case, it was a private party sale. No worries. I may have to fabricate them. Not a biggie at this time. regards,
  7. fstkmaro

    Royal Enfield Himalayan (2019)


  8. fstkmaro

    Royal Enfield Himalayan 2019

    0 reviews

    ENGINE Type: Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, SOHC, fuel injection Displacement 411cc Bore x stroke 78 mm x 86 mm Compression ratio 9.5:1 Maximum power 24.5 bhp (18.02KW) @ 6500 rpm Maximum torque 32 Nm @ 4250 - 4500 rpm Ignition system Digital electronic ignition Clutch Wet, multi-plate Gearbox 5 speed constant mesh Lubrication Wet sump Engine oil Semi-synthetic 15W 50 API, SL grade & above JASO MA 2 Fuel supply Electronic fuel injection Air cleaner Paper element Engine start Electric CHASSIS & SUSPENSION Type Half-duplex split cradle frame Front suspension Telescopic, 41 mm forks, 200 mm travel Rear suspension Monoshock with linkage, 180 mm wheel travel DIMENSIONS Wheelbase 1465 mm Ground clearance 220 mm Length 2190 mm Width 840 mm (without mirrors) Height 1360 mm (fly screen top) Seat height 800 mm Curb weight 194 kgs (with 90% fuel & oil) Fuel capacity 15 ltr BRAKES & TYRES Tyres front 90/90 - 21" Tyres rear 120/90 - 17" Brakes front 300 mm disc, 2-piston floating caliper Brakes rear 240 mm disc, single piston floating caliper ABS Dual channel ELECTRICALS Electrical system 12 volt - DC Battery 12 volt, 8 AH MF Head lamp 60 / 55 W, halogen Tail lamp LED position lamp Turn signal lamp 12V, 10W X 4nos A surprisingly docile but powerful all purpose motorcycle. Don't let the low power figures mislead you. This engine is a long stroke engine and packs a good amount of torque at all levels. It is not a rocket but it is no slouch either. The motorcycle has effective dimensions that accommodate a wide variety of riders. The lower seat height allows for the shorter riders to enjoy what the Himalayan offers. There are plenty of accessories available for it and, straight from the store it packs a good amount of useful accessories such as cargo rack and center stand. The windshield, albeit on the smaller side, proves effective and keeping wind off the rider at highway speeds. It has a maximum cargo weight of 382lbs which proves sufficient for the average rider and gear. The model has been plagued by earlier report of quality and reliability issues. The company indicated that these have been addressed as they prepared to enter international markets. The USA version (Sleet model pictured) of the motorcycle, appears very refined and adequate for the rider seeking the retro-style and the ability to explore.
  9. fstkmaro

    Acerbis 5.8Gal Mounting Kit

    I just received it yesterday and to my surprise, no hardware. I was hoping to place an online order but no luck finding them. I did send Acerbis a note, we will see what they come up with. Was hoping to ride with it soon. Oh well. Thanks for the message.
  10. Wondering if anyone knew where I could get the mounting kit for the Acerbis 5.8 gallon tank? Thanks in advance.
  11. fstkmaro

    Please help with hesitation woes

    That seems like the typical complete set. I would confirm what jets come from factory but the ones you mention sound ok to me. I don't think that there is any issue with using compressed air, there are no ball bearings (pressure regulators) that I can think that would be affected by this. Typically, a nice bath in acid will clean it really good but that tends to damage threads and things like that. Clean it up good and change those parts. Once you have it running correctly, go ahead and re-jet it. Good luck.
  12. fstkmaro

    Please help with hesitation woes

    you just have a jet kit. The no air filter and no plastics indicates to me that your carb may not be liking the amount of vacuum that the restriction brought by the filter and plastics(assuming you mean the airbox) presents to it or that it needs more air because it is metering too rich at those throttle positions. I don't know much about this CV carb but something tells me that it is not being presented with what it needs when the air filter is put on it. My thought is that without the filter there is less vacuum presented to the carb since the air restriction is less. Since this carb has some type of vacuum activated slider, this maybe pegging the needle too high for the throttle position causing a rich condition. Removing the filter removes the restriction either causing slightly less movement of the needle thus eliminating the rich condition or providing more air to match the rich condition. My suggestion, if you feel like trying something quick, would be to re-install the stock jets and see what happens. Inspect the carb slider/piston and needle to ensure it is still all stock. Check for any apparently after market drilling of the carb circuits. You never know what the previous owner may have done to it. Re-install it and try it again. It could be that it does not change and the problem may be somewhere else such as valves or cam/rocker related. I hope this helps
  13. fstkmaro

    Daily Rider?

    My bike is not that old and even if it was I would ride every day if I could. Weather and certain work commitments prevent me from doing so. If it is mechanically sound, ride and enjoy. That is an oldie, the one that you have, but no reason not to do what you want if it is well taken care of. Ride on and enjoy
  14. fstkmaro

    Places to ride in Massachusetts

    Ay ay ay, I was pretty excited LOL. Thanks, I suspected that but refused to accept it 🙂😂
  15. fstkmaro

    Places to ride in Massachusetts

    I am not aware of any places in Weston that you can ride a motorcycle on. Please share if you know of any. Thanks