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  1. I hate to be a nay sayer, but I know a riding buddy of mine has TCX pros and HATES them. Three buckles have broke and the seam around the ankle area is fraying...
  2. Yamaharacer989

    Be careful out there guys (and gals) ...

    God Speed... this is horrible
  3. Yamaharacer989

    7 day forcast: 100 - 103 = too hot to ride.

    I rode two days for a couple hours in 100 degree high humidity heat and besides wearing out quicker, nothing was unbareable.
  4. Yamaharacer989

    Anyone have one of these carriers?

    I have the exact same system ast KX250F and it workes great. I use it on a jeep liberty and as an extra to the two basic straps, take one strap and go from back hooking point over the seat to the front hooking point, and this really helps hold the bike in place. Its great to be able to cruise at 75-80 and not worry about the bike.
  5. Yamaharacer989

    1988 Chevy Suburban

    It was done right, by a professional. The truck has 148,000 on it, so I'm glad to here there is still life left in it.
  6. Yamaharacer989

    First Vehicle?

    Hmm what year? We've had a wrangler and liberty do GREAT...
  7. Yamaharacer989

    First Vehicle?

    Why not a Cherokee or Liberty? I love my Liberty, it is my first car! You could find older Cherokees in your price range, seat 5, tow a trailer all day, and get decent mileage!
  8. We're looking at buying a 1988 Suburban to pull our boat/take to races. Anyone have any input or expierience with the 5.7 engine found in this truck? Any other information on it? Its lifted 4 inches and is fairly clean for a 18 year old vehicle. It's priced about right at 3,000, and should meet our towing needs.
  9. Yamaharacer989

    Pastrana on Leno last night

    TP is the man. What a cool guy. A magician on a bike but needs some help in the dating depo
  10. Yamaharacer989

    Making dirt softer?

    Saw dust and mulch, and once you get it mixed all together, keep it watered and tilled.
  11. Yamaharacer989

    I Need Help Deciding!!!!!

    A saturn vue? I don't know how well that would do with a bike hauler... whats your tounge weight max load? Those bike haulers put a strain on your hitch, my Jeep Liberty is about as small of a car I would trust with a bike hauler. I'd suggest buying a small trailer, or cheap pickup, to haul your bike.
  12. Yamaharacer989

    SeaDoo in a Toy Hauler???

    I think this is kinda like y'all are saying, but, they make light weight jet ski trailers that are built to be pulled by hand. I searched google but could'nt find quite what I meant. You could buy one of these, and keep it in the toy hauler, just make sure it is even with the hauler floor. Run two two by six boards on the floor wide enough for the ski, and put a whinch in the hauler. Winch the ski off the trailer into the hauler, and use the winch on the trailer to winch it out of the hauler. I'm having trouble explaining myself, but I hope you get what I'm saying, it'd be pretty easy. This would take up a good bit of room though...
  13. Yamaharacer989

    Jeep Wranglers

    My dad has a 98 TJ with the four banger. Weak engine, but still, a fun car. It turns on a dime, but is VERY loud on the road. No real problems with it otherwise.
  14. Mmmm there is a golf course down the street, and each tee box is elevated (black, white, red, yellow). Its like a giant stair case and if you jumped from the from the yellow tee over the black tee (which there is plenty of lip and face to do) then it would be a sick 90 foot step up. It'll close one day!
  15. Yamaharacer989

    Going to Center Road and Thundervalley MX

    No I'm back home in Apex this weekend!