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  1. SuburbanWarfare

    Anyone from Tampa Bay Area?

    I’m gonna try to be there as well, no guarantees yet though. Like Lennon’s dad this will be my first time on anything made for the dirt in a few years so I wouldn’t be much of a riding partner yet but I’ll let ya know if I end up getting out there anyway.
  2. SuburbanWarfare

    Anyone from Tampa Bay Area?

    I'm in Riverview, moved to Florida less than a year ago and just recently picked up a bike after the better part of a decade off. I'm looking forward to getting out to Croom to start getting back into the swing of things but would love to hear about any local riding opportunities. Searches for local trails have come up dry so far, I'm real close to TampaMX but I need to learn everything all over again and that ain't the place to do that...