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  1. fullcirclepat

    YZ250F Suspension Weird?

    I would lay a sleeping pad under it and look around at everything while pushing it up and down as best you can if you are by yourself (lean it over against a wall extra far and maybe put something smooth under the grip so it can slide) there are more pivot points then meets the eye right away, these are evolved complex machines that need maintenance, and it sounds like the lower linkage dries out first. Spray some really good lube on both sides of every pivot and the little wheels and help a little old lady across the street today so hopefully you dont have to tear it down until winter to grease/replace something!
  2. fullcirclepat

    used bike woes

    Well I dont have the BIG good news yet but I was really glad to remove the carburetor yesterday the fastest ever. The first time I didn't want to force the air box rubber portion back and it looked like there was not enough room to remove it out of there anyway, plus I wanted to detail, so I removed the seat/tank, all side covers, battery, rear wiring all the way back, pipe, sub frame, and well you get the picture. 2nd time I removed almost as much but left the top sub frame bolt in and lifted the unit to pull it off the carb. Yesterday I was on a mission and real familiar, didn't even unhook the battery. Pulled the fuel line off which was empty since I ran it out (that's nice), the hot start (which is kinda stripped), the TPS, the cover and cables, lifted hoses up, unscrewed the intake clamp at the engine, the air box clamp, and twisted and pulled the unit out of there (kinda like the dentist when he's pulling your molar)!! We're talking 15 minutes and a lot of that was wrestling the tps plug.
  3. fullcirclepat

    used bike woes

    Ordered a 45 pilot and 40 leak today. I'll spray cleaner and blow air through all the passages again and add the Seafoam for sure. I'm planning to move the needle position one notch richer also. Let you know how it goes.
  4. fullcirclepat

    used bike woes

    This is a great forum. I can hardly wait to work on it again now tomorrow. It has even been covered with a tarp for weeks as though I never bought it. I'm at 600' in sw washington state.
  5. fullcirclepat

    used bike woes

    Wow really good advice that's just what I was hoping for! Happen to have a can of Seafoam final goo formula just sitting here. I adjusted the accelerator pump timing after watching a couple yt vids and sure enough it was suffering from Tinkeritus! I think its close now. Will do the o ring mod then, spend a dime. Dang TPS! So much tech! Man they haul a_ _ though! I'll keep you informed, Pat
  6. fullcirclepat

    used bike woes

    Hey thanks Clay, I'll try that asap. I replaced the slide plate seal and watched that like a hawk it is easy to do! Thanks again.
  7. fullcirclepat

    used bike woes

    Hello I bought an 04 WR250F back in March that had sat for 14 years with only 411 miles on it. The gas hadn't been drained before storing and it has turned into a big job and still isn't right and still can't be ridden. Found out later a friend had "taken it home to try and get more power out of it" too and had dinged around all over with 1 size phillips, some cheap sockets, and a hunch or two. I am a bicycle mechanic by trade and I'm now really well acquainted with the Keihin fcrmx37 haha! The accelerator pump diaphram was just cloth and rubber bits, whole float chamber was thick varnish, jets needed replacing, the floats were set at around 11mm, and the accelerator pump timing was off. Long story short it would only run on choke after this and I went through it a second time where I found one more clogged passage. I've replaced everything, devarnished the tank, and replaced the rotted out petcock. Didn't have compressed air just 25 psi hose fyi. The kit dropped the pilot to a 40 from 45. Now it idles but stumbles and hesitates until about 1/4 throttle where it hits and slams the drive train forward and tries to go out from under you. It has a new plug and I reconnected the gray wire. GYT kit exhaust tip and pops during deceleration. Anybody have any suggestions? Still the carb? Have to split the carb body and clean out? Valves? Only 411 miles... The bolt heads on the case over the CDI look like he got in there too fyi. Help!!!!!!! (FYI 172 main, 40 pilot, 72 starter, 70 leak, 70 leak air, stock needle position. Air screw 2.5 out helped a little.