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  1. I hiked into the middle of one of those blow down areas while hunting once. It was miserable lol. I always figured it was a “down burst” that caused those.
  2. Actually I do have a contribution. OnX Hunt is a great app for finding property owners and is a good gps app...could be pretty useful in some areas. https://www.onxmaps.com/
  3. Ok, thanks guys. I will make him keep wearing the boots. I know how to adjust the shifter, but not the brake...I'm sure I'll figure it out. Cheers!
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative to MX boots for a 9 year old wearing a size 5 or 6 shoe? Thanks to the help of the friendly people here I was able to track down a TTR 90 for my son's birthday, and also purchased all of the safety gear. But, the boots (Fox Comp 5) are so bulky that he can't get them under the shift lever, and can't feel the rear brake. He also said its hard to tell which part of his foot is over the pegs because they are so stiff. The guy I bought the bike from had his kid wearing hunting boots from Tractor Supply for this exact reason. Thanks!
  5. Well you are on quite the roll today. I don't make the choice to stay away...I'm only legally allowed to hunt for 5 days. Regarding your last sentence...maybe, but I doubt it.
  6. If it helps you out I just paid $2K for a 2009 WR250F in perfect condition. Looks damn near brand new...completely stock.
  7. Yeah I stopped at the railroad. From my OnX maps, the railroad only owns the land for about 10 yards on either side of the train tracks. After that it is privately owned, but I have no idea how to track down the owner.
  8. Yeah I hear that...we need to get all users paying that $25.25 But, $25 is nothing. I am paying $661 for a Colorado elk tag this year. I’m also paying $396 for an antelope tag. I’m happy to pay it too.
  9. Those are state permits. I’m suggesting a federal permit for federal lands. Buy once and use on all fed owned land (except designated wilderness areas, obviously.). The biggest reason for access closure is lack of funds to maintain that access. For instance, I have elk hunted Colorado 5 years in a row and have covered 100’s of miles on atv and on foot. I have yet to see a game warden or any other type of law enforcement.
  10. I can see that too. Sad. One side is trying to sell our public lands, and the other side is trying to close access. Stop the planet, I want off.
  11. I should add that I am totally for “multi-use” but it seems that as a hunter I am paying a shit load of money for everyone else to use the resource year-round, while I only get to use it for 5 days a year. Pay up if it is important to you...otherwise, quit complaining. I would be in favor of a “Public Lands Pass” that you would need to purchase to recreate on USFS or BLM lands. Of course Hikers, mtb’ers, etc would throw a fit.
  12. Maybe if hikers, MTB’ers, And ORV’ers would contribute to conservation and the preservation of public lands they would have a seat at the table of discussion. As it is, hunters and fishermen contribute the lion’s share (and it isn’t even close) of money towards maintaining these lands. So they get the most say in how that land is managed...and a lot of them don’t like noisy machines in their hunting areas. Google “Dingle Johnson Act” and “Pittman Robertson Act” to understand why.
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