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  1. Tkgsxr1k

    2002 Cr250 water pump seal

    Abd if you know what direction to unscrew the impeller. I have a 06 wr125
  2. Tkgsxr1k

    2002 Cr250 water pump seal

    well the thing does not loosen either way and then it turns over the engine. I put it in gear and hold the brake and turn it both ways and it just doesn't loosen. What am i doing wrong?
  3. Tkgsxr1k

    2002 Cr250 water pump seal

    thats strange because the shop manual says unscrew by hand counter clock wise to that would be normal threaded. i will try turning it the other way. I just dont want to break it it's plastic. I should be able to pull the old seal out if its possible, i have a good seal remover
  4. Tkgsxr1k

    2002 Cr250 water pump seal

    i have a cr125 and want to change that seal. I can't get the plastic inpeller off. How do you get that off? I read you should just turn by hand but thats not working. Can i put a pliers on it? also to just change the seal I can do that with just the water pump cover off right???
  5. Tkgsxr1k

    2006 Husqvarna wr125 clutch help

    theres no adjustment on the push rod that i see, just a rod realy
  6. Also, is there a weep hole? I dont see one on the outside
  7. do these things have only 1 seal? Also it looks like you can just pop off the water pump cover and the impeller and replace the seal. Is this correct? My crankcase oil was a green/grey color and not sure if seal is leaking or the kind of oil someone used in it. I just bought the thing. here is a link to the parts layout, the water pump seal i believe is number 3 https://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/husqvarna/2006/wr-125/crankcase-covers
  8. Tkgsxr1k

    2006 Husqvarna wr125 clutch help

    Is there a adjustment on the clutch push rod in the engine
  9. Is there a way to adjust the clutch in the engine? The cable is brand new and adjusted at full length and I still need more. Is the a adjustment on the push rod to 4hw clutch in the engine? Please help