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    DRZ400SM - DIY Cam Chain Replacement

    Thanks for all your inputs everybody! So I'll go the normal way and take the clutch side out! Good opportunity to learn how to do it right. I can't find out the specs of the cam/timing chain for my DRZ400sm (2007). Does anybody knows? Do you know which one I should buy to replace it? Brand? Number of links? Size? Right now I'm thinking it's a 128 links chain, so I was looking at "DID CAM CHAIN (ENDLESS) - 219FTH - 128 LINKS" --> https://www.bandcexpress.co.uk/buy/DID-DID-Cam-Chain-(endless)---219FTH---128-links/219FTH-128.B9E.htm Thanks for your help, David
  2. Hi everyone, Looking at replacing the cam chain on my DRZ400sm 2007. I have tried installing an MCCT to get rid of the rattling sound, but I think the chain is already worn and stretched too much. I am planning on changing the cam chain without opening the clutch side of the bike, only the top of the engine (feeding the new chain using the old chain and closing with riveting the master link on the new chain). I've haven't done it before, but keen to do it. So far, these are the steps I think I need to follow: 1) Put engine on TDC 2) Open top of the engine, double check TDC, check cam shafts are at 10 and 2 o'clock, check arrows are correctly aligned on cam sprocket. 3) Unwind MCCT and release tension on chain 4) Remove exhaust cam shaft. 5) Place rags in the engine so nothing falls inside. Break old chain with tool, and secure both ends so they don't slip away. 6) Use the new link to tie the old chain to the new chain. 7) Keep tension on both sides of the chain so the link stays in place and rotate the crank until the new chain has gone all the way around and the old chain is out. 8) Unlink the chains. Close new chain using chain press/riveting tool. New chain is installed, old chain is out. 9) Put engine back on TDC. Reinstall the exhaust cam shaft and make sure all the arrows align properly. 10) Rotate the crank for a few complete revolutions of the engine and make sure the timing is good. Set it back on TDC. 11) Tighten the MCCT so there is no slack anymore, than back off a little bit? 12) Reassemble everything and start engine? Any tips would be helpful! Questions: - Have I missed anything? - Is there anything to watch out for? - This is the chain I'm thinking of buying this chain D.I.D: DID219fth --> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motor-Timing-Chain-Endless-for-Suzuki-Gsxr-1100-GSXR1100-GSX-1100-F-GSX-750-GSX/352180504594?epid=2156866392&hash=item51ff980812:g:t3YAAOSwUchaSsJ7 Thanks for your help! Cheers!