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  1. Nite rider

    baja pictures

    Nite Riders playground
  2. Nite rider

    Fe 501 build not done yet $26,000

    Has anyone heard of sun corked 501 drag race with a hondA cr 500?
  3. Nite rider

    Fe 501 build not done yet $26,000

    I am having to go to Northern California for about a month ,came up suddenly and the bike will rest sleep [emoji42] for now but I continue to do research with the exception of the of the euro map or Vortex ,the 2017 fe 501 is equipped with a 42 mm fuel injection system the fc 450 is equipped with a 44 mm system which would probably be necessary with a cam and hi compression piston Chad Reed s bike fc 450had that combination and was in the 70 horse power range with the Vortex one can adjust the amounts of fuel in the low. Mid. And high range another important note the cam is only available from works performance factory racing and only KTM’s factory’s cam grinding machine. Has the ability to grind the cam unless you’re Roger De fosters grand son good luck with getting one
  4. Nite rider

    Gate between Mud Mounds and Catavina

    Try riding Baja at night no gps or maps when the sun goes down Nite Rider goes out .where are you at night .doing it all solo. Remember you are riding on private property ,with out permission,the roads also and the groups of riders destroying their land is causing anger and I’ve seen fences disrespected or going around their gates .I have lived and riding in north Baja for 20 years as much as possible and have rode along with other riders and have shared some of my personal single track that I spent the time to talk to the owner or owners ,of course tequila , cigs or if they would like something special goes a long way it’s always been good and the single track ended up ruined some almost unrideable . Just something to think about and sometimes I get lost and end up no other choice 🤷‍♂️( guilty). Wishing safe and fun rides
  5. Thanks for confirming my suspicion the check engine light turned on but doesn’t continuously stay lit it blinks continuously taking it to the dealershipi to confirm exactly what map is programmed . on the positive if’s the US maps running the bike now and It is incredible the way it is us map I think the tps voltage is probably as high as it can be euro map is good but not as good as the Vortex , the US map works excellent none of the issues I’ve done research on and running perfect and regularly hearing comments about how clean it sounds to probably 8000 rpm to @9000rpm it’s not as clean running in the upper range . There’s 10 settings on the Vortex a couple go over 10000 rpms. So I can look forward to really hauling A—. Taking it to the dealer ASP they have the Vortex in stock but checking it for euro map and check the tps setting , and have it returned to stock voltage per Vortex requirements , thanks so much for the information . My initial information could or was questionable I the company might be unreliable can’t wait to see and feel how’s it going to wheelie [emoji106]
  6. Nite rider

    Fe 501 build not done yet $26,000

    An old moto Rider went out riding one dark, cold windy day upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way, when all at once a bunch of riders came upon him riding hard “yippie-I-ay” he put his smoke out and set out to ride with them as he caught them he could hear there thundering rides ,their brands were many.as I went past them I could hear their mournful [emoji22] cry, their faces gaunt their eyes blurred their jerseys soaked with sweat and heard them say “yippee-I-ay. Yippie-I-ohh” it’s the old nite Rider as the fire breathing fe 501, snorting,growling,fire shooting out the exhaust all they could do is choke on his rooster tail leaving them stunned and lost sucking on his dust. “Varroom varroom as he rode up a cloudy draw their jaws dropped as they called out his name “Nite Rider” they ain’t caught him yet as the howling husky growels at these dogs sucking up his dust. “Varroom Varroom “ they can’t take the pace and ride on the edge they will never know who that old Moto Rider is. “Yippie-I-ay. Yippie-I-ohh Varroom Varroom [emoji848]
  7. Nite rider

    Fe 501 build not done yet $26,000

    Don’t have a wife so to complain that you play with.that thing more than me. Ha ha lol I’m working on a Nite Rider song Just need to post it “ the old ghost rider in the night”
  8. Nite rider

    Fe 501 build not done yet $26,000

    Planning a 2 week Baja ride from the Rock [emoji294]️. Racing compound at Cuatros Casasthe sun goes down and the Nite Rider goes out
  9. Nite rider

    Fe 501 build not done yet $26,000

    The owner before me paid full price for the bike sent it Ahm factory services and from what I calculated another$ 8000. Dollars and I have spent about 5000 dollars The “guy” rode it twice in Baja for a total of 1000 miles for 9000 dollars [emoji385] never met the guy (AKA) dummy found out from the dmv he never signed the title at the dealer and after 6 months the registration ran out and could not ride the bike ( closed coarse only) not even Baja . The dealer was giving me the run around so I was talking with a attorney and finally got the title . The (dummy)was probably pissed at the dealer (DUMMY) probably ended up with $8000 The bike is incredible the comments I hear most is I have never heard a dirt bike sound like that
  10. Nite rider

    Fe 501 build not done yet $26,000

    Yes and with the brps. There’s 2 holes pointing straight ahead for 2 extra lights and 3 holes on the clutch side and 3 on throttle side one could probably mount a large I pad on the mounts and there the same price as cycras
  11. Nite rider

    How's it come out?

    Wow looks like I have to try that method been riding for 54 years and have found out sometimes my way isn’t always the best
  12. Nite rider

    cracked rim...how bad?

    Don’t go cheap riding the bike with that wheel will result in a endo[emoji33]
  13. Harbor freight sells monster size tire irons they are helpful . The motion or are the regular size and the cycle gear ones 3 are the large Of course a tire mounting tool is also helpful to.