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  1. Shrk352

    XR400 sand dunes question

    I've had my xr for 4 years. Each year I put 1000-1500 miles on bike on the street. I also take it to the sand dunes twice a year along with trips to trails. The sand dune trips were not easy rides either, Jumping, crashing, bike doing cartwheels down a dune. I can say In the time I've had this bike I've never had a single problem with it that I can link to sand. Wheel bearings, suspension, steering stem have all been fine, move smoothly and work just as they should, I haven't had to replace them yet. It is true that the sand does get EVERYWHERE. But this is an XR, its build like a tank and has good seals everywhere, You have to try really hard to hurt these bikes. I'd be surprised if you have a problem after going in the sand, Just wash your bike when your done to get most of the sand out of everywhere. Hell I had a 400ex that while riding in the dunes I completely submerged in a puddle that was deeper then I had thought, I floated the quad back to the edge, pulled the drain on the bottom of the air box, Waited till it was empty then started it right up and rode the rest of the day. These engines are beasts!
  2. Shrk352

    XR400 sand dunes question

    My XR loves the sand, run premium gas at minimum, or a Race gas/premium mix to prevent knocking. (Mine's 11:1 compression, if yours is stock this might not be as big of an issue) I've never had any problems with the sand doing any damage to the bike. Make sure your oil is topped off cause it will get hot. Remember, in the sand, When in doubt GAS IT. The throttle is your friend in the sand. Don't try going slow, you'll dig in. Go fast and it will sooth out as you get on top of it all. Also, I highly recommend a paddle tire. Not a requirement but it makes it much more fun. if you don't have one just remember not to stop facing up hill. Momentum is key in sand.
  3. Shrk352

    How fast is yours?

    Im with Gorn on this one, I take mine on the highway all the time and its really stable at speed, it just gets really wound out and I don't like to push the engine that hard. But I don't ever feel like its shaking or getting sketchy over 80 or 90. It just runs out of power. I run shinko 244's front and rear and they hold up good at speed.
  4. Shrk352

    Factory Effex EVO 10 graphics

    As promised, here's the pictures. Naked New EVO 10 graphics
  5. Shrk352

    How fast is yours?

    I hit about 90-98 on mine. I don't think I've ever been able to get it over 100. Dirtbikes just aren't designed to go that fast. I was running 16/42 gearing. Its not about how fast you can go but how quick you get up to that speed. Off the line I'm fast as hell, it just drops off after 60 or so. Mods: 426cc, 11:1 compression, port and polished head, Stage 2 hotcam, FMF megamax2 exhaust, stock carb & header(grounded welds), UNI filter, airbox top cut open about 50% bigger.
  6. Shrk352

    Factory Effex EVO 10 graphics

    As promised, here is some pictures. For not knowing what they looked like ahead of time, I really like them. Here is my bike with the old EVO 6 series graphics for comparison, I'll post some more pictures here once I get the new ones on.
  7. Shrk352

    Factory Effex EVO 10 graphics

    I never found out what they looked like, but ordered them anyways. Ill put some pics up when they get here.
  8. Does anyone have pictures of the EVO 10 graphics on an XR? I can only find pictures of the EVO 8 on ebay but I don't like the look of those. I had the EVO 6 (? I think) but they started to peel off so I'm in the market for some new graphics. Thanks guys
  9. Shrk352

    Bought set of Shinko 244's for $78 shipped

    I run the 244's and love them. I'm on my second set. I got 7000 miles on the first set while riding 95% on the road. Way more miles then I expected out of such an inexpensive tire, but they held up great.
  10. Shrk352

    Helix Pre Filter Foam

    Isn't stopping dirt what the air filter is for? If not then why weren't you running a prefilter with the snorkel in? I have the whole top of my airbox cut off and have never had a problem. Just keep your filter cleaned and oiled.
  11. Shrk352

    FMF Header pipe worth it?

    I was thinking about getting one for my bike. Are you interested in selling it? Also does anyone know if it would help on a 426 11:1 comp, with stage 2 hotcam?
  12. Shrk352

    Header Cleanup

    This may look like rust, but its not, its baked on dirt. Paint wont help much, just keep it clean.
  13. Shrk352

    xr 400 sudden loss of compression

    Check closely to make sure that your Decomp cable isn't tight or bound up. This happened to me once, I pulled into a parking spot and lost all compression because of the way I had turned the bars. The cable pulled tight somehow and didn't let go. Kicked for a half hour before I figured it out.
  14. Shrk352

    How to Tell if my XR400 is an XR440

    Yeah but I also had heavy duty clutch springs, a cooler plug, and higher gearing on my bike when it was stock so I could ride on the road. Only true way to tell would be to take the head off.
  15. Shrk352

    XR riders in Michigan/N. Indiana,,ride time boys!

    Is anyone headed to Baldwin May 19-20th for the blessing of the bikes? Me and my friend will be there tearing up some dirt roads and enjoying the festivities.