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  1. Elliott Morris

    2015 Ktm 350sx-f

    The batteries working fine I had it die on me in the last few days but I recharged it still having the same problem.
  2. Elliott Morris

    2015 Ktm 350sx-f

    Hello everyone I am having some trouble with my bike idling, it has been sitting for 2-3 months I can get it to turn over some days for about 3-7 seconds then it just cuts off like I pressed the kill switch. Some days it will not turn over at all it will catch but not completely start. The fuel pump still makes it’s buzzing sound, I called a few mechanics in my area asking around to see if it could be a clogged injector due to it sitting. I had the Ktm dealer mechanic tell me he thinks it was probably the fuel pump not regulating pressure properly if anyone has had any similar problems or the same problem please drop some advice id like to get this knocked out myself rather than pay $115/hr labor fees Thanks.