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  1. Hi Sir Speedy. How much taller is your seat than stock there? Looks good, i'm 6'6" so wanting to boost it up there.
  2. I had a bit of decel right before the thing threw a code... ended up being the contacts in the airbox, 2 of em had some surface rust... got in there, cleaned it all, all good since and no more popping. Makes me want a two stroke! But I also like the idea of a 365 for the top end haha
  3. I have the loudmouth and a Yosh on mine, same model. No real decel. Are you running good fuel? Clean injectors? Clean electrical contacts? All yes, check valves? Out of interest, what are you guys thinking for top ends... meant to be done at 50 which it's almost at, since i've had it, it's had 20 easy hours on it... thoughts?
  4. NFM really... Had an 06 300, changed the powervalve gear. Is it still an issue, thinking of going back to a 300.
  5. Couldn't you just cut down your stocker? And I bet you could find a stocker for sale second hand to practice!
  6. My experience. Before you do anything... take the bike off the stand and roll it around in and out of gear then try again. Could just be the starter catching. Then get a can of contact cleaner suitable for electrics and start one end to the other, quickly giving each connection a squirt in there. Then get your voltmetre and check from the battery to the starter relay, over the relay etc... Mine was corroded connections.
  7. Hey Guys. Thinking I might have to goto a 300 exc (XCW with lights) as the attempt to do it all bike... there is a nice 2012 going. Wondering. If I want to keep my talon/A60s for when/if I goto the track, will the 19 rear of my '13 350 sxf bolt up to a '12 300?
  8. Thinking about getting an offroad bike again to do some enduros/trail riding. What do you think about this... Pretty high klms... Is what he says about rebuilds legit? Seems way high but i've got MX background with four strokes... http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/broadbeach-waters/motorcycles/2012-ktm-exc-f-450cc/1100357909
  9. Grandpa! Haha. You say the shock flap isn't an issue but then extensively describe how you addressed the issue!
  10. I don't own either of the new bikes, I have a 13 350... BUT, the 16 bikes, for shits and giggles, would it be possible to put a white ktm front fender/number plate onto a husky... LOVE the shape of the Husky, maybe not totally in love with the fender. Anyone?
  11. Not to be done. Search here or KTM talk but when I was doing mine I asked everyone and started some threads about it, long ago so can't remember exact details but I'm pretty sure Jeff Slavens emailed me back saying a customer or someone did it and seized their bike... I also chased SAMCO in the UK directly about it. I know people with the 250 SX have gotten away with it tho. 2StrokeMotocross specifically posted about it. Replace the rest of em but leave the stocker.
  12. Update. Emptied half a can of contact cleaner into every damn point I could find. Rolled the bike back and forth a few times and it started. So what was it?
  13. Mhugdoc. Care to answer the above? Thoughts on the change?
  14. Update. Chucked the charger on it. Went to full in a few minutes so not that. Ground is tight, took fuses out of relay and the white plug also... looks clean to me. Quick squirt of Wd40 and shake off, dry. Back together. Nothing, not even a click now. Waited a while and quick hit with the hair dryer to make sure dry in those connections. Nothing. Raging now! Any more ideas or off to the shop tomorrow? I tell ya. It makes me want a 2 stroke haha.
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