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    I need a rear wheel for an XR/CRF70.


  2. For sure man. Seems like patience is the name of the game.
  3. Looks awesome man. I'll give that a try on the fenders. Does anyone know what jets are best for exhaust mods? Thanks.
  4. All three number plates are missing. The front and rear fenders are just faded same with the side shrouds that bolt onto the tank.
  5. How did you mod the back seats to fold forward. I've wanted to do that. Seems like there should be some decent usable space back there.
  6. Hey y'all, I just picked up an 02 XR70 for my oldest who's graduated from his pw50. It needs some attention before it's ready for him. He doesn't know I've got it for him and I'd like to not only get it turned up but I'd like it to look nice too. I found a new seat cover on XRs only however I can't find plastics anywhere. I've been told Crf70 plastics should bolt right on? I hate to order them and found out they don't. I at the very least need the two side number plates and the front number plate. Front and rear fender are there, not real pretty and so are the gas tank shrouds. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Also, now that I've thought about it, one of the previous owners removed the baffles and spark arrestor I assume. With that I am not sure if they re jetted. Does anyone know whish size jets I would need to ensure the bike is running optimally this way? Again, thank you.
  7. I've got a 5'x8' trailer, I use it when we take the kids bikes with us. However I'd like to not have to use it when just the wife and I go ride. It's unnecessary. What I really would prefer is to go back to a real truck with an 8' bed. I can have my tool box and bikes in the back together.
  8. The side rail boxes, might work out alright. I agree. I'm thinking I can get the important stuff under the rear seat and then not have to worry about a tool box in the bed. I've got to be able to put the wife's bike and mine in the bed comfortably.
  9. I haven't seen a truck tool box like this for sale. However, I have a newer f150 with that shitty 5 1/2' bed and a tool box in the bed. My bike will not fit in the bed. The wife's XR 200 will with the gate down. I dont need to put the gate up, but it'd sure be nice to not have to tow a trailer when we go ride. I've though of either getting a box for under the rear bench seat, or they make boxes that are small but they mount behind your wheel well in the bed.
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