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  1. I feel like riding with your kids isn't helicoptering
  2. I got out of the navy for these reasons every other month I was gone for a month of more and it was getting pretty old. I was at 8.5 years and decided to get out. The pay definately wasn't the best. As for the grass, they can do what they want with it, less to mow!
  3. So bought him some new gear since that was the deal I made with him and I feel like for whatever reason the gear has skyrocketed his confidence level, so much that it kind of scares me.
  4. Ordered the fox peewee gear off the internet based on my sons measurements and my oh my was it too small. Do all the companies gear run super small for kids or is it a fox thing? Hes also very long and skinny so that may have been a part of it. Luckily what i ordered should fit his younger brother soon. (I didn't bring him to the store to try stuff on as it was a surprise for him, big error on my part)
  5. So I can't keep him off it now. I have to make him stop to eat dinner. Our yards only an acre and he's all over it. I've just been on the mini bike to cruise around with him.
  6. Success!!!!!! Thank you all for the advice!! Thankfully his razor crapped the bed and he really wanted to ride and just decided today was the day. Proudest dad moment yet!
  7. I wear ear protection all the time. The navy did a number on my hearing so I like to protect what I have left.
  8. I do. I have since I was 3 so it's difficult for me to fathom the idea of being scared and not wanting to lol photo of young me on the pw
  9. lol i have done the youtube thing already i have taken him to races but not a peewee race yet, good idea. My 2 year old would never let him sit in front of the tv on it because all that little dude want to do is be on bikes. But im gonna try that somehow, maybe during naptime.
  10. Hey all, I need some advice my soon to be six year old has a razor 350 that he rides at full speed everywhere. We bought a project pw50 and fixed it up together and he was pumped the whole time. We fired it up he was all excited with his gear on and then out of no where he was petrified. Like too scared to sit on it. Had anyone run into this before? He's had no training wheels for 2 years now and even hits jumps on the razor. He won't tell me why he's afraid of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. I tried searching the forum and didn't see it asked anywhere. What KTM dealerships do you all recommend near south eastern mass i don't mind driving if its a reasonable distance
  12. I feel as if those little mx350s were great for my kids. Super low seat height. Fast enough. And the thing that is good with my kids is that they were quiet. My son is noise sensitive (due to having tubes in his eardrums when he was younger) and if things sound fast they scare him, so the electric bike was perfect. Recently just got him a pw 50 and the seat height is similar so it was a great transition to a gas bike.
  13. It seems alot of people are running those. Which one are you running?
  14. anyone have any feedback on the honda 19 250rx or 18 450rx ive also found a couple of those leftover in the same price range? I have an issue where i need to research everything possible before i make my mind up so sorry in advance. I've read most of the reviews the magazines do it just good to hear unfiltered feedback.
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