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  1. Is this because the 450 is fuel injection or for multiple reasons.
  2. Really don't know which way to go here as I have a choice of a 2007 525 EXC with 14,000km, or a 2012 450 EXC with 15,000km. Logic would say the 450 as it newer and should handle better, but I rode the 450 EXC for 10 mins on road and didn't really like the power delivery. I live on a small island so there aren't too many bikes on offer here. There is a KTM main dealer who can do servicing and a couple of other guys who have small workshops that can do KTM servicing. The main use of the bike is for getting to trails and more open very dusty tracks, then just going where I want. Some of it can be very rocky and steep, think grand canyon style, which would really require a dedicated trail bike. I don't ride that fast and prefer to take things in rather than see how fast I can get there. And I'm not into motocross competition. The reason I'm considering a 2007 525 EXC is because I've heard they have better torque and will pull from lower down. My past bikes have been a DR 650 with mild tune and pumper carb that pulled hard and I also had an uncorked and highly tuned XR650R which felt like it make full power from about 2000 RPM. So the question is will the 525 be more like the XR650R, as when I rode the 450 EXC I had to rev it hard to even pull away and it felt gutless down low. I'm over 50 so a part of me wants to just potter around and part of me wants to do wheelies ha ha. I haven't rode the 2007 525 EXC as I'll see it on Monday, but I did go in for a test ride on a new Honda CRF450L. It seemed to have more torque than the 450 EXC, but ran out of power quicker. It also just didn't feel right size wise. For a laugh I asked for a test ride on the CRF250L and was shocked as I could really see myself getting in some tight places with that bike. It's 20Kg heaver than a 450 EXC, but was so comfortable I could see myself doing 8 hour rides on it no problems. Ok, the 250L is completely gutless and would fall apart if you drove it hard, but it really did suit my old potter around side. So it's a 2007 525 EXC, a 2012 450 EXC or a Honda CRF250L. I don't know any history of the 525 yet as I've not seen it. I talked to the guy who owns the 450 EXC and he seemed quite anal about maintenance, even having 2 air filters with one being washed while he uses the other. He also seems to have changed the oil very often and he's had the valves adjusted about 2000km's ago. Other than that, it's not had a top end rebuild or any other work done on it. The other thing is spare parts. Can you still get everything for a 2007 525 EXC