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  1. an auction would be a poor choice for first bike, too many problems could pop up with title or lack of maintenance or lots of bad things. for your first bike find something simple, running and clear title. Things like type(s,E or SM?) maintenance records, age of bike, how it is stored and for how long all effect price. For instance: I purchased my DRZ400s new in 2005 did all the FAQs for grease and locktite, 3X3 and jetting, covers and switch bypasses and garaged since purchase. It will not sell for the same price as an auction or a bike that has been parked outside every winter. Do yourself a favor and buy a good bike the first time. good luck and welcome to riding ps no, mine is not for sale
  2. Ryel

    Engine is cutting out.

    Where are you checking the voltage? Go through the diagnoses http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/541623-charging-system-diagnoses-plus-the-free-power-mod/ and find where the power cuts off. 99% persperation
  3. Ryel

    Good rear rack

    I just bought (ordered) this one...hope it is good, http://www.moto-racks.com/Blank.html
  4. Ryel

    First DRZ!

    Heres a few questions I have. 1. My buddy said the rear caliper drags and you have to bleed it to get right. Is this common? Easy fix? If it's draggging, then it's time to rebuild the caliper. Try sucking out the old fluid first and replace with new fluid. Also check the pads, if one side is worn more, then swap them around and see how it goes. 2. I plan to run 90% street and 10% dirt roads what would be a good tire to go with also what size is best? Cheng shin barracudas any good? I run Dunlop 606 but many like the Cheng Shin. 3. The headlight is pretty poor. Is there a kit for a high and low beam? Would hids be the best route? Many good discussions on headlights, do a search. 4. Anyone take there woman on these things? Mine is jonesing for a ride on it. The seat is hard, the one cyl. vibrates and the rider pegs are high...not comfy. Short rides for coffee or to work but she won't like it for very long. enjoy
  5. Ryel

    why so expensive?!

    buy a fish when you get the spoons, you will find it worth the money. http://www.touratech-usa.com/Store/PN-VS-FISH/Tube-Valve-Stem-Fishing-Tool ps then carry the spoons, fish and a pump with you to save a road service call.
  6. Ryel

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    a battery box big enough for the YTZ10s 120 cca battery. http://www.happy-trail.com/DRZ400S/Battery-Box-DRZ400S-All-Years.aspx it look great, fits the battery like a glove. next few days will see how it goes together and lives with the deezer. installed it today and a few notes: The battery bolts for the YTZ10s are bigger then stock, had to open the wire lugs up to fit. the provided M6X100 bolts provided for the box are too long, had to drill out and tap the upper back and add a few washers to tighten. accessory wires were stripped and soldered to main power to reduce clutter, also big rings would not fit under screw. bit of a job but all done and working nice.
  7. Ryel

    Lowering drz400 tall seat

    see the yoga mat fix
  8. Ryel

    Yuasa YTZ10S

    What makes the Yuasa worth $166.21? I hear they make a good battery but really? $166 for a motorcycle battery is over the top.
  9. Ryel

    Looking to buy a DRZ, advice?

    you need to read this first: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/540675-drz-basic-faq-something-all-new-owners-should-read/ then browse the other FAQ's. enjoy
  10. Ryel

    stranded need help...

    what did your toolkit have to do with anything?
  11. Ryel

    Small Voltmeter suggestions?

    I just put a battery bug on my DRZ, like the way it tells the voltage and current state of cranking amps% in battery. http://www.amazon.com/Argus-BB-SBM12-PS-Battery-Monitor-Motorcycles/dp/B0029VY4G4 what i do not like is how small the display size is.
  12. Ryel

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Just put on a Battery Bug and it told me that my cranking power is 62% so I see a new battery in my future. probably not near future as I am cheaper then dirt.
  13. Ryel

    MSR Extended Shift Lever...Careful

    thanks for the headsup on the bolt, will get a replacement
  14. Ryel

    Should I consider buying this drz?

    looks like a bone stock (except seat and Kuba) bike that has been garaged. No fading, nothing broken ... good deal.
  15. Ryel

    DRZ400 Electrical Short Problem

    if pops out means the fuse is blown then you have a short, as mickeydee pointed out. check along the barnes until you find where it is rubbing or broken. not fun but must be done.