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  1. crazy caleb

    6D Helmets: An Interview with the Co-Founder, Bob Weber

    Awe i have to wait till august
  2. See my problem is that this will be my first 2 stroke bike and im 14 5'7" 110lbs, so i'm not that big, my skill level is intermediate and maybe a little advanced and i am riding riding a crf150f aka weak small gutless which i have maxed to its full potential. I don't know if i can control the power of a 250 t2 or a 200 t2 i understand what you are saying but i just need something cheap that i can put some money into and make it more trail friendly so that by next year i can get a true enduro bike like a 200exc or a 150xcw. Now i may be wrong about not being able to control the power of a 200 t2 or a 250 t2, but i don't know if i'm right or not . Any help would be most appreciated 🙂 Also how hard is it to get parts for the 200 since they stopped making them? Yes and i will. And yes the ktm 150xcw is a ktm.
  3. crazy caleb

    What Dirt Bike should I get?

    I wouldn't recommend getting a two stroke since you are quite new i would recommend getting a crf150r the crf150f is also good but is very heavy and gutless and a crf150r only cost about 2k-3k which is good and new about 4k. Also at that height i would recommend a big wheel version. When you get used to that bike and when its time for an upgrade then you can decide whether or not you want a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke. (both bikes would work for enduro and trail riding if thats what your gonna be doing) Hope this helps
  4. Ok thanks i am new to two strokes so thats why i'm asking these questions. Also he said he uses (yamalube 2r with 100ll octane and mixed32-1 and i run 15w30 synthetic oil) is that any good?
  5. I have a quick question. I found this 2008 yz125 https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1445519857 and he said it has 8 hours on the bottom end. Now to my understanding or what i have been told is that you should never have to do an bottom end on a bike and if you do it means that you didn't take proper care of it and that it was used very hard. Is this true? (And what does it mean to do a bottom end)
  6. I am not trying to make it go faster i am trying to give it more bottom end because i ride a lot of single track and (trials) oriented trails.
  7. crazy caleb

    Canadian Riders - comment if you are canadian

  8. Ok thanks any other mods that would help?
  9. Hey guys and gals i am looking at getting a yz 125 for enduro/enduro cross type riding and i wanted to know what type of mods i should to give it more bottom end without breaking the bank any help would be most appreciated. Also would a KTM125SX do the job as well or a cr125?
  10. Yea it does look fun and i am hopeing to do some enduro racing myself. yeah ik
  11. ok thank what would you say is the max hours before a top end and how much does it cost on average?