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  1. Sounds like your feathers are ruffled easily by DBC and are taking it out on me with personal insults. Ok.
  2. You have to be trolling right? I didn’t say it’s a bad bike, I didn’t even say it mattered at all. I just said that it’s worse than other bikes. The end. Give it up man. Unsure why you are so hurt by someone saying it doesn’t have a great turning radius.
  3. I didn’t say it translated to the field for everyone. I said the number is objective and if that matters to someone that would be subjective. Do I just need to repeat myself over and over now?
  4. “I personally” isn’t objective man. Dunno what you are trying to prove.
  5. Yikes man. Turning radius is not subjective, it’s an actual measurable number. I am at an actual loss of words on how to explain that to you.
  6. Wow, you like to assume a whole ton... This is one person, asking one question, and the answer is... yes. The radius isn’t great in comparison. I don’t even watch the dudes channel. Lol. Calm down. No one is attacking Beta. You are acting incredibly insecure.
  7. Uh? No. Turning radius isn’t subjective. It can be objectively measured. If it works for you, good, but that’s subjective. It doesn’t magically make the turning radius better because you are fine with it. For some people it’ll be a big deal, for others like you, it’s not. That’s the definition of subjective. Not to mention I didn’t give an opinion. I just said it’s worse, because it is.
  8. I had Enzo racing do mine when they revalved. He said he bored out that top metal piece to allow the springs to go higher up in the fork. This was enough to lower the forks an inch from stock, which is what I wanted
  9. You need to honestly take a breather if it bothers you that someone said the turning radius is bad on the 200
  10. Wait. Do you want people to complain about it or not? You say.... get over it. But then you say it’ll only be fixed if people complain.
  11. I feel like a lot of people in this thread are ignoring the fact that objectively the 200 has a much worse radius. It doesn’t matter if it’s a problem to you or not, because that is subjective. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s turning radius is objectively worse than previous betas.
  12. If it truly has 3 hours on it, PLEASE SAVE that poor bike from prison. Buy it.
  13. Ok yeah. You are making me miss where I grew up riding. I’m in Texas now, the land of the free. But there is no free land out here.
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