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    I'm looking to buy a Leatt Chest protector. I don't care what model as long as it is in good shape. Thanks!


    Tampa, FL

  2. kawi_guy07

    How much oil to put on air filter?

    Thanks man!
  3. kawi_guy07

    How much oil to put on air filter?

    Yeah i did but i think you may have been missing some punctuation so it was hard to read. Mind going back and correcting?
  4. kawi_guy07

    How much oil to put on air filter?

    So then from your response it seems like it is possible to squeeze out too much oil?
  5. kawi_guy07

    How much oil to put on air filter?

    Ok cool that makes things easier then. I'm curious though, what's the reasoning behind not being able to squeeze out too much? Why isn't that possible?
  6. Whenever I oil my filter, I completely submerge it and then squeeze out the excess, but i always think I didn't squeeze out enough the next day because it will lightly pool in a few spots. I've heard some people say that it's not possible to squeeze out too much oil... Is this true? If so, i'll just keep squeezing until im certain it won't pool up the next day.
  7. Thanks for the input man i might just have to check it out.
  8. How do you attach the neck brace to this if you're wearing a jersey over the top? And does it get pretty hot?
  9. No particular reason. I do think it looks better when you don't have a bulky chest protector over your jersey though. So i was just wondering how guys that ran it under their jersey secure their neck brace.
  10. What about under the jersey chest protectors? How are you suppose to use to elastic bands at the top of certain chest pro's if its under your jersey?
  11. So I just bought a used Leatt 5.5 neck brace. See the pic below for example. My question is this: What chest protector do you guys have experience wearing with this brace? Obviously all the leatt chest protectors i would assume have great compatibility, but what about other brands? I currently have an older fox chest protector that's doesn't fit with it. Also, anyone wear their chest protector under the jersey with a neck brace? How do you go about doing it? Any suggestions would be great, thanks!