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  1. I was wondering what bike I should get, I prefer a lot of low end power for Tight trails and hills. The 350 has a recluse and is $800 more. I’m 5’7 and weigh 120 pounds. I love my brothers low end on his exc200 and it’s a two stroke so I was hoping these would have good low end too.
  2. ParkerM85

    07 wr250f, or 07 xcf-w?

    Thank you very much the ktm is a grand cheaper and in good condition so I will probably go with that! Although the Yamaha has a recluse clutch so idk yet😂
  3. ParkerM85

    07 wr250f, or 07 xcf-w?

    I prefer a lot of hill climbing and trail riding. I only weigh 120 pounds and was wonder what bike o should get. Also what is the seat height for both bikes?
  4. I prefer tight trail riding and hill climbs (a lot of hills) and was wondering if this bike would be enough. I know it has that lower first and second gear, and I only weigh 120 pounds so I think it should be good!?
  5. I’m looking at a 2007 xcf-w and was wondering if that would have good low end, I only weigh 120 pounds
  6. I replaced the entire clutch on my dirt bike and I have some problems. I have a 2006 YZ85 and when I pull the clutch in and shift to first the bike takes off and when I give it throttle it goes like I don’t have the clutch in. If I rev it really high then the bike stops but once the rpms go back down it starts going again. And then if I’m just riding normally and pull in the clutch nothing happens and it just acts like the clutch isn’t pulled in. Could someone please help because I spent over $300 on all clutch parts and it still doesn’t work