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  1. Jd1122

    400EX or ltz 400

    Ya sorry I meant new to me
  2. Jd1122

    400EX or ltz 400

    Looking to get a new quad should I get a ltz 400 or 400EX
  3. How bout a kfx 400
  4. So I have a Yamaha blaster 200 and looking to upgrade I’m 15 140lbs and I was thinking a raptor 250 or 350 are there any pros or cons to them thanks
  5. Hi I was wondering what kind of transmission fluid you use for a 1996 Yamaha blaster
  6. Jd1122

    Blaster 200 mods

    Ya I was thinking that to are you sure there all 6 speeds
  7. Hey guys i have a 1996 5 speed Yamaha blaster 200 was wondering if there were any mods I could do to it to get more hp and torque and just a better ride also stupid question but wondering if I could make it a 6 speed some how
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