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  1. I have just bought a 2006 ttr 125 for my brother the only thing that is wrong with it is that the front caliper is broken from a hard stop by the previous owner, so me thinking it would be a cheap fix starts looking up calipers for it but they are like 230$ not what I expected. So my question is what front calipers are compatible with the stock ttr 125 forks. I seen some cheap yz 125 calipers for sale and was hoping they would be compatible. Please help
  2. Got it but do you know if you can use 250 clutches in a 125
  3. Hello I was wondering it you might be able to put Cr250 clutches in a cr125 because I’m looking to see if the clutch would work better with a bigger cc clutch kit
  4. I took apart my engine about a week ago but now that I come back to my engine to put it back together I forget if a ball goes on the clutch lifter or not some of the diagrams I’m looking at show a ball and some of them don’t
  5. I don’t think I’m going to sell the bike it was like a in the moment thing like how can I ever give up riding it’s so fun
  6. I just crashed my bike so I guess I’m just going to sell it early and not run the risk of killing myself thanks for all the help everyone
  7. But there is water in the oil but i think that is because the oil seal failed on the water pump like I said the bike was sitting for some time
  8. Also I guess the old owner decided to put a lot of sealer or gasket maker or whatever it is down in the slot of the metal sheet so oil doesn’t fly out or water doesn’t go in
  9. I have taken the spring off and it made no difference of top end or lower end it still rips hard it sounds good and feels like it has a lot of power
  10. Thanks I’m going to have to do that sometime so thanks for the help
  11. Now that I unclogged the rats nest that was in the exhaust pipe the bike is up in your face the entire ride very fun ride now I’m not sure if that valve thing is going to effect the longevity of the bike or what
  12. I think the old owner had put an older jug on the bike when he rebuilt the top end so I think that the bike does have the power valve but he did put a spring on the linkage to hold it down I think I have a picture of it if I don’t know if that would cause a problem tough
  13. And I’m pretty sure that when I pulled the spark plug it was a little bit lean but nothing to really make it bog like that and also all the exhaust fumes seem to be coming out around the exhaust manifold
  14. I think I have found the culprit to my 125 bogging problem. I had when trough everything on the bike I re-jeted the bike, adjusted float height, cleaned the air box and filter, changed the spark plug, cleaned the clutches, and even ran racing fuel through it ,but it seemed as though nothing would work. I called 5 bike shops and none of the things they suggested helped. But today I had taken the exhaust off because it was the only thing I hadn’t looked at ,the bike had been sitting for a while before I got it ,like 2 years, so I think this is the culprit. It is a fmf gold series expansion chamber so I’m not sure if the wire like stuff inside of it should be there or not it is restrictive as I blow through it. The thing in the picture is what is in the pipe like right at the end of the expansion chamber
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