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  1. Hey smoke! I’m going to head out this morning to meet up for the ride! Please look for me Black ktm with orange radiator shrouds!
  2. Ya chad is awesome down at MPC, He’s super helpful. I’ll never go to Nor-Cal again, they have messed up every time I’ve gone there.
  3. Going to try and put a new seal in tomorrow! Thanks everyone for pointing me in right direction
  4. Cobra! Thank you for your help. Going to MPC (Ktm) in the morning. I’m hoping they will have the parts on hand. Going to try and install it myself. Really hope it’s not the cam. I live off watt and hwy 50 Don’t know anyone who rides! I’m Looking to meet other riders!
  5. Hey guys, just purchased a 2005 525 MXC less than 3 months ago. reaced the gasket and water pump about a month ago. I’ve had no issues this past month, but today I was leaking a excessive amount of coolant out the weep hole when I started the bike. Any ideas on what this could be?
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