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  1. We're about the same size and age. I'm coming from a YZ250 set up for woods/trail/off-road . My 250 needs major overhaul and I won't have time to do it until winter. I have always been interested in the 125's because everyone says how fun they are. I bought a new yz125 last month and it's true 125 are fantastic. I'm very happy that I went with the 125 and not another 250. The 125 surprised me, I find the power, weight and agility perfect in a way that is hard to explain. The bike is just a joy to ride . I'm very happy with my purchase.
  2. I ordered a new chain with 120 links and 2 master links just in case. I don't think my yz125 chain with a 48t sprocket will make the jump to 51. I'm sort of on a health kick at the moment , planning on getting down to 190 pounds. I have a little bit to go but I'm close. I'm already down 25 pounds. So what I'm getting at is that I should be light enough to make the 51t sprocket work.
  3. I just got an email back from RK-Tek that they are making a head for the yz125's with replaceable inserts so you can change different inserts for racing gas or riding with pump gas or elevation chages . I have one on my yz250 it is fantastic. They need piston deck height measurement. I'll probably get one.
  4. I can't race A level for 2 1/2 hours either, my back is fine though 👍. I know that the mags are little short on real info and often honesty. They get paid to say what their told to say . Guess I just want to see something more about the bike in print or professional media. I do know that the bike is popular. Dealers are selling every one they get in my area.
  5. On a serious note. I ordered inexpensive steel sprockets 50t and 51t because I want to see how they both work on our terrain in Western Pennsylvania. Where I live we have very steep hills but short ascents and decents . Typically up and down 100-300 feet over and over all day long. Typical Appalachian densely forrested steep short stuff. I rode the other day for 2 hours and could barely get it into 3rd gear. I think the 51 will help. I had no problems with torque for climbing with the 48t , bike has plenty of power but a 50 or 51 hopefully will keep me out of riding around in 1st gear so often. I spend too much time clutching around in 2nd. I figure I'll go ride a 1 hour loop with the 51 and try it again with the 50 and see what I like better. I briefly thought about the 52 but was worried it would bring the gears too close together and require a different chain guide. I really just don't think I will need 52 but it is an option for a later date if needed. Nothing else planned at the moment other than squish check. I like the bike as-is including suspension.
  6. Yup you're my only yz125x resource , I don't need no one else 😁
  7. Has anyone seen any YZ125X magazine test rides or any press articles where the bike is actually riden and reviewed? I keep looking but I don't see anything newer than early July when Yamaha announced that the X was coming to North America. I figured there would be something out there but I don't seem to be able to find anything. Seems Yamaha isn't keen on pushing this bike . Any links appreciated Thank you 😊
  8. I can't answer your question with first hand knowledge because I'M in the east. But I ran the numbers on 38 horsepower and 8000 feet and it says you will lose 28% and have about 27 horsepower . It might still be fun depending on how you plan to ride. I don't know though. I'd be concerned that 125 up there would leave you wanting a little bit more power. At sea level it's a blast though.
  9. I'm partial to 100LL Av-gas and racing fuels. That always makes me smile. I spent so much time with chainsaws when I was younger that I relate 2-stroke smells to hard work . I guess I am just ruined 😁
  10. I went out for 2 hours today and I am happy to report that my yz125 runs perfect . It rips , it lugs it restarts easy , it is a joy to ride. I only need to adjust the rear brake lever and shifter and put a 50t or 51t sprocket on it and I'll be done. I ran 93 octane pump gas with ethanol☹️ mixed 32:1 with Maxima Super M . It works great with zero spooge. , No smoke and very little stink. Had a great time in the Western Pennsylvania hills .
  11. Maybe down the road I might consider a 139 kit. The pros and cons of big bores are well documented in the forums so I won't get into it here. But for the woods riding I plan on doing the 125 has more than enough power for me. The 125 really punches above it's weight and it's so smooth. Considering the availability of cheap 125 pistons and rings I probably won't be doing it on my new bike. Maybe if I get a cheap project basket case yz125 I'd be more inclined to experiment with the big bore . But 125 is pretty sweet as is for now.
  12. Question about jetting theory concerning Mikuni needless. The Yamaha service manual for my bike says 43-74 is STD . 44-74 half clip richer and 42-74 is a half clip leaner. All things considered is a 44-74 in clip 2 from the top the same as a 42-74 in clip 3 ? Same performance? The reason for asking besides knowledge is that I bought the 44-74 half clip richer needle. What I wanted was half clip leaner actually. I probably should have brought the 42-74 but what I did was lower my 44-74 needle using clip position 2 instead of clip position 3. Bike runs good, seems like I'm getting close BTW
  13. I read that some guys will use a round chainsaw file to file a small notch in the bottom center of the Mikuni slide. I haven't tried it yet but is supposed to help off idle crispness. No hard Enduro for me. I don't want to break me or the bike.
  14. I feel pretty good about it as is. The power continues to surprise and impress me. I need some seat time at this point , then maybe I'll know more about what it needs. I do need to swap out the MX tires, I would like a 50t or 51t sprocket, kick stand and skid plate, this is where I'll focus next. And suspension I'll just be adjusting the clickers for now. I watched your video of it pulling up your driveway and thought mine wouldn't do that and then I remembered I have a 48t sprocket and that needs to be swapped out. 48 would work for racing but I kinda want an all-mountain play bike.
  15. Today I installed the 44-74 needle in the 3rd clip and a 35 pilot jet on my stock Mikuni. I'm happy with it for now. I feel like the bike is just a smidge rich still but in the safe zone. I wouldn't mind finding a needle that has a less abrupt taper for a gentler idle to mid throttle transition. My bike still has a 'hit' with the new needle but it seems to come on at a higher rpm which is good. Still better would be a smoother broader build up of power. Anyways my bike seems to be just right. I thought about trying a 32.5 pilot jet but cold weather is coming and I think I'm good as is. Air screw is 2 3/4 turns out at 77f and 60% humidity. I'm tempted to get a Keihin 36 myself but for now I'm going to ride the bike and get used to it. My bike is a blast to ride and just a lot of fun as-is. Thanks for the jetting help GreenMt_Rider and everyone else that is making this thread a great resource. 👍
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