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  1. Cleavon

    2004 te250 fork question

    I pulled one leg apart. The only manual I can seem to find is for the shiver. I’ve never had a fork apart so if anyone knows where to find the manual for this one please let me know. I found a few links for the twin chamber fork manual, but none of them work. Other than the leaking, these forks would sag about 3” before I could feel compression and wouldn’t return to fully extended without pulling the bike up. I turned the adjuster on the bottom clockwise and got a hiss of air. After that the forks extended all the way. I’m not sure what that means.
  2. Cleavon

    2004 te250 fork question

    I was able to find an old thread that said 08 used 50mm, but now realize I have aftermarket trees from ferracci. heres a few more pics
  3. Fork seals are leaking so I started looking on parts sites and they list 45mm as the size. So does the owners manual. Measured with calipers and my stanchions are 50mm. it is a marzocchi fork, but I’m guessing it’s been swapped out. The guy I bought it from a few weeks ago said it was a tc250, but the serial number says its an 04 te250. The air bleed on this fork is a screw in the center of the cap, in the bottom of the hex slot for rebound. Manual shows It offset to the side of the cap. I’m guessing marzocchi 50mm seals for a usd fork are pretty standard, but I’m not sure about changes to the other internals throughout the years. I don’t see any model numbers on the fork for reference.
  4. Cleavon

    2004 te250

    I recently bought this bike after not having a bike for six years or so. Its the first one I’ve owned that isn’t Japanese and I’m starting to realize a bit late that parts and info aren’t quite as easy to come by. I guess I should have done a little more homework, but I had the itch and it looked like a good deal. I found that a few of the cam bearings had a little play. Replaced all of them with the skf bearings. I had bookmarked the manuals for this bike on husqvarnaoutlet.com, but it seems the server is down. Same with huskycafe. Is is there another good place for manuals and info? I need the torque specs for the cam caps. Hopefully the valves might magically return to spec with new bearings, but I’m not holding my breath.