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  1. got99problems

    Amount of oil in KTM EXC

    I did, theres a reason I asked here. Thank you!
  2. I have a stock ktm EXC 400 2007 and my oil glass to see the oil level is pretty messed up. So my question is how much is generally the amount of oil I should put in to be safe to ride?
  3. got99problems

    My bike before and after

    Haha, thanks man
  4. My bike project process after 2 weeks, what do you guys think? The bikes still not done, need to fix up, cleaning and get couple new things
  5. got99problems

    Chain always gets super dirty

    An easy seal to replace if you have the cheap puller from an automotive store. The shaft seal is like 5$, question is what this puller I would need?
  6. got99problems

    Chain always gets super dirty

    I did see dirt and gravel on the swingarm and chain guides, would that still happen if its a leaking seal? I may have just improperly lubed the bike.
  7. got99problems

    Finding “TDC” for dummies?

    Just one last thing guys, my valves have a clearance of 0.10mm, the manual says 0.10-0.15, should i leave it or make it like 0.13?
  8. got99problems

    KTM RFS 2007 Air or fuel screw?

    It’s on the intake boot side, so as you said on the airbox side, does that mean it controls airflow? You absolutely sure?
  9. I have a KTM exc 2007, aka an RFS engine and the stock keihin carb. So there’s the screw that controls idle speed, but then there’s a mixture control screw under the carb. My question is, what does it increase or decrease, the amount of air or fuel? Also, I have looked at the manual and only says mixture control.
  10. got99problems

    Finding “TDC” for dummies?

    Lmao id have to convert those measurements cause I’m used to kg and nm but alright. I may have one of those torque wrenches that show how much force nuts are tightened lying around somewhere. If not I’ll definitely try your method, I suppose the nut inside the engine would’ve done great damage?
  11. got99problems

    Finding “TDC” for dummies?

    Yea, I watched it before. It helped but it was much easier actually doing it than I thought it would be so that’s nice.
  12. got99problems

    Finding “TDC” for dummies?

    Yeah, I’ll definitely use the online manual more. Sometimes the manual confuses me as well and need a dummy explanation. I guess it’s the learning process haha
  13. got99problems

    Finding “TDC” for dummies?

    Speaking of valves, the red and white on the pictures, is that normal??
  14. got99problems

    Chain always gets super dirty

    Hmm yes, this could be the reason why. I do a lot of wheelies as well so might why. I’m definitely changing the chain and sprockets.
  15. got99problems

    Chain always gets super dirty

    Yea, I’ll look tomorrow. If it passes the test do you think it could last a short ride to my buddies? Also, I thought sprockets usually become like rounded when shown a sign of wear?