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  1. Sherwood

    New member introduction

    Well my son would have to get a job and earn save some serious money for a new Husky. The TE150I is for me, switching from my crf230f. I like the idea of a modern 2T and the upgrade in just about every area from the CRF "tractor " to the Husky. My local bike shop should be calling me when the 2020 arrives.
  2. Sherwood

    2020 TE150i

    Looks like you put on a swingarm guard and front brake rotor shield. Any other mods? After a couple rides, is there anything that you think it needs?
  3. Sherwood

    New member introduction

    New member from the state of Washington here. Thought I should introduce myself. I just got back into riding after a decade off. I have a 15 year old son that is getting into it on a CRF150F. I picked up a 2008 CRF230F and I already think about getting on a new Husky TE150I. We have been been riding trails in western and eastern Washington. Anyone care to chime in on the switch from the 230f to the 150?
  4. Sherwood

    2020 TE150i

    Hey there F5. I'm brand new to the site, but looking at this exact bike. I would like to hear more about your experience on it so far if you have time to share. I'm curious how the seat height feels and how ergonomic it is. I'm a bit worried about it being too tall for me. I sat on the 2019 and it seemed manageable but not perfect for my 32" inseam. Did it seem loud or normal 2T? Any immediate mods needed? Thanks!